No Interest in giveaways

in #story6 years ago (edited)

I have done a couple of giveaways on steemit and btctalk in the last couple of weeks, and it seems like not many people want Ethereum classic.

Im not looking for upvotes but rather to get people involved in alternative currencies and share a bit of my mining income among other people. I have started another giveaway of 10 ETC a couple of hours ago and so far only one person has left their address in the comments.

Whatever money I do make on here goes straight into the next giveaway.

Here is a link to the giveaway if anyone is interested.

Maybe I am just posting the giveaways at times when not many people are around who knows.


interested on your giveaways, leaving my ETC address bellow. TIA


once you get more exposure the giveaways will become more popular give it time mate :)

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