Love yourself ❣️

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Hey steamians! ❣️
What's up?
Today is a cold and rainy day here because of that i didn't go to the library and decided to stay home and read my leasons.


You know what, Most of Iranians are Muslim and Shiites, But there are other religions in our country that are in the minority Like Christian, Jewish ...
In addition to that , we have chrismas here.
I really like chrismas tree and you can see my chrismas tree in this photo.


This glass is a gift from one of my best friend And it is very valuable for me.
Whenever i drink coffee or tea, i remember her.


Pie is one of my favorite. 🍩🍪
I just like to say it all the time, " EAT MORE PIES"



it look yummy...what is the name of the dish??