THE ALIGNMENT MYSTERY (part I) | The Stone that aroused my curiosity 💎

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Hey Steemit community!

Today I want to talk with you about a mystery that is very important to me and that remains in my mind.

I just lived in Jericoacoara for two months in Ceará, north of Brazil.

Have you ever heard about this little village built in the fine sand dunes wich is one of the most touristic places in Brazil?

In Jericoacoara, there is the famous "Pedra Furada", a rock formation embedded on the beach.

It's a postcard place where everyone comes to take a photo.

This Stone is a marine arch (natural arch) formed by erosive processes of the sea’s actions.

Pedra Furada is composed of a fractured quartzite wich is a part of the São Joaquim’s formation.

Quartzite is a rock whose main component is quartz (75%).

Anyone who has studied the stones a bit knows that quartz crystals function as energy amplifiers.

They are used to amplify and direct energies and forces present in an ambiant, a point or a chakra.

Working with crystals as a tool can accelerate processes of physical healing and also achieve a greater mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.


Just before arriving in Jericoacoara, my companion @rhavi and I, lived for 3 months in the Chapada dos Veadeiros, in Goiás, Brazil.

The Chapada dos Veadeiro’s Park is located on top of a huge geological plate of crystals quartz.

The vibrational frequency of the region is quite different, even those who have no esoteric affinities can feel it.

It seems that it is why about 40 philosophical, esoteric and spiritual groups live in the Chapada region.



Returning to the “Pedra Furada” (the Stone of north of Brazil), I swear to you that in that place I felt the same energetic force that I felt when I was in the Chapada’s Park.

I started to go regularly to visit this Stone, not every day more when I had a free day I would go.

Without even needing to meditate I felt that every time I spent a moment in the Stone I would return to the village in another state of consciousness.

My thoughts became clearer and deeper, my intentions truer, and I felt my vital energy really stronger. During the nights I started to have lucid dreams.

It seems that my perception was widening.
It was what I, as a person, felt at this Stone’s contact.

In the same period looking at the stars during the delightful nights on the beach...

My gaze still lingered on the Orion constellation:


I began to study this beautiful constellation wich is fortunately very visible to the eyes.

Soon in my research I found the Orion's correlation theory.

Orion's correlation theory is an hypothesis at the margin of traditional Egyptology.

It postulates that there is a correlation between the location of the three largest pyramids of the Giza pyramid complex and the Orion Belt of the Orion constellation.

This correlation would have been planned as such by the original builders of the Giza pyramids.

The Orion’s strars were associated with Osiris, god of rebirth and afterlife by the ancient Egyptians.

Depending on the version of the theory, additional pyramids in the Giza complex can be included to complete the image of the Orion’s constellation.

The Nile River can be included to combine as a mirror of the Milky Way.


I found this possibility of having planned an alignment of the three pyramids with the sky map so incredible that I dicided to research more about it.

I noticed that informations and theories about this subject aren’t lacking on the internet.

There's an ocean of research on this mysterious alignment.

Until I fell on this map:


The center is the Great Pyramid and the lines are latitudes, longitudes and diagonals.

You can see that the northwest diagonal is passing through Brazil and incredibly passing just above the “Pedra Furada” (the Stone of Jericoacoara)!

In the next article "Mystery of Alignment" part II, I will explain a bit more about the mysteries of the Great Pyramid and the correlations that I found with this brazilian Stone of Jericoacoara and other sacred places on the planet ...

Stay tuned! 😉


With Love,


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Love this post! First, the image of you holding hands with Orion in the first shot is awesome! I also love crystals and stones, and enjoyed learning about the amazing Pedra Furada and Chapada dos Veadeiro’s Park! Would love to experience those things some day! I had read about the Orion Correlation Theory years ago, but had forgotten about it, so thanks for the reminder! So, yes, this was a wonderful post on many levels! Love the photos and your writing! 💖

I am also tagging @katrina-ariel so she can see this!

Thank you so much @thekittygirl!
I’m very glad to read that you loved the post, because this topic is very important to me in this moment.
I just posted the second part:
I hope you’ll enjoy it!
Love ❤️✨

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This is so neat! Wonderful photos, and I love seeing ways the earth, stars, and energy correlate. Thanks for tagging me on this, @thekittygirl!

Hey @katrina-ariel! Thank you so much to read me.
I’m happy to know that you liked it.
Here is the second part:
Love 😘