The Liatris Saga

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The Liatris Saga is a darkly captivating, epic and imaginative book series written by Valerie L. Price. Dark Ages, book 1 in the series, "redefines the genre," (Friesen Press editor's review), with "masterful plot structure." The Scylding, book 2, has been praised as, "A modern literary masterpiece, beyond anything I have ever read," (Kenneth L. Anthony, author, editor, award winning television producer, professor Rice University, retired).
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Dark Ages by Valerie L. Price (Book 1)
Amazing story, well written & pulls you in from the very beginning!
Great story; richly developed characters; a real page turner!
The Scylding by Valerie L. Price (Book 2)
This was an extremely enjoyable book. It took me away for hours into historical and contemporary settings, vividly described by Valerie Price. She is truly gifted in her ability to weave a compelling story that once started is hard to put down. The book Dark Ages by Valerie Price is the first book in this series but they can be read as stand alone completed works. If you love old world and new world brought together into a mesmerizing story with teeth, yes it bites, you will love these enthralling works written by a master of language, delivered in a way to thrill you.
Victoria Morris
Fantastic dynamic characters built up with Great story lines. Multiple sides through twisting turns. If you're one to pick "teams" you may find yourself derailed.
A real love-hate relationship with some of the players.

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