Is Technology the new trap?

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Those were the days when our parents complained about us being stuck with the idiot box. Well, it's been a while and things here have changed. But, wait before you draw a conclusion on your own. I said we have 'changed', but we still haven't got rid of our bad habit. It's just that we have replaced television with a stereo system which is literally stuck to our ears at most times, be it during our morning walk or bed-time.

With the gadget market expanding rapidly, cellphones are now available at affordable prices and hence, have become accessible to all. Technology has got us hooked as well as booked, killing our precious time in the very same process. We might not yet be able to speculate what kind of consequences we might face in the near future. Parents and teachers all across the globe who have actually been able to figure out what the coming generations would grow into, if the addiction remains as it is, are taken aback; worried about whether the future generations would even know how to hold a bat while playing cricket. Well, the fine line between using technology and depending on technology has already been crossed and hence, researches have been conducted where it was concluded that students today cannot quit their mobile phones even for a single day! The research statistics state that people who try to give up on phones act depressed. Above all, problems that surface include – late night chatting, online gaming, etc.

Nowadays, news be like – "A teen was found dead after playing some games constantly" or "a man dies after drowning in a river in an attempt to take a selfie".Dust has settled down on library books because things are now found easily on YouTube. We have become tech addicts, but then it’s never too late to pull ourselves back. Technology is just a luxury, not a need; let’s get out of this trap before this lifeless form called the internet sucks us into its web, forever.

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