Arrows of the Leviathan - Postmortem

in #story3 years ago

Folks, we didn't make it. To all who backed the project, your support is appreciated. I'm going to take some time to determine if this project is viable. After all, that's what Kickstarter is for.


It was clear from day two: the plan to funnel traffic from cryptocurrency enabled social media platforms Yours and Steemit was not viable. Steemit, in particular, has changed since I started with the platform, and is in decline. Pay bots have overrun the system and bury original content and distort the economy. I doubt there is much organic traffic at all.

Yours does appear to have organic traffic. However, the rewards do not currently come close to approaching break even, much less a profit.

I've heard the video was weak. The video is the most expensive and difficult to produce aspect of a Kickstarter. Compared to most book related trailers, I felt Arrows had a pretty good one.

The downturn in the Cryptocurrency markets correlates with a decline in interest. It's hard to launch a cryptocurrency related product against the wind. Yet, cultural works like Arrows are what the community needs to survive and thrive in the long run.


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