Was God who helped me change, because the treated me with love and with kindness, he gave me a purpose and showed me the best way to live

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I will tell you part of my story.

at 13 I left my house and i started living in the street, during that time someone gave me the opportunity to work wrought iron, a job that involves give shape to an metal rod while it heated to a very high temperature, i worked to wrought iron for 3 years

I was away from my family for 5 years, I just felt alone so I looked for bad friends who they made me fall in drug addiction and weapons, wanted to have the respect of all so buy a gun "9mm Prieto beretta" and I started a stealing, It was something I did out of necessity, was always drugged or drunk, I witnessed many things that marked me forever, my friends were killed, some were dismembered and thrown into the river, i saw death and pain in those days.

the situation began to deteriorate. and I always wondered.

-¿ Jeison you're doing?- mulling within my-
-¿ This is what my fathers would have wished for me? ¡what you do is wrong! Awakeee!
-is this what God wants for me ?

my parents had taught me when I was little boy about God. what they had taught me brought me back home, wanted to start a new life near my parents.
I started the detoxification process to eliminate drugs in my body was a pretty hard process, what I found most difficult was cleaning my mind and delete my head the horrific images he had seen of people killed.

was God who helped me change, because the treated me with love and with kindness, he gave me a purpose and showed me the best way to live

Today I serve happy to him, helping others to have a purpose in your life


Its truly something else to hear people stories from all over the world.
You can only take recovery one day at a time, and i hope you live a better happier life.

It was difficult but can be achieved, trust

In God We Trust ..keep your faith Jeison

God exists for you because you want to believe, you succeeded over whatever obstacle because you thinked he is helping you, well you are wrong, all you've done was by your hand, you simply feel reconfortated by the sensation that there is someone watching you over, it doesn't exist, just drop it.

and God exists for you? @andu

It doesn't it's an illusion that reconfortates you, as any deity created by humans has been since our history begun.

your story arose the spirit in me, thankyou for all your experience, honesty, and change to know love through your conscience

I intend to tell others "if can do" that after the storm comes the calm.
not give up the fight, it is difficult but then you're rewarded for your efforts. @elissahawke

life is all choices and chances, we are always given more and more and more and more chances until we change for the better or die in the misery, and whenever we are ready to repent for anything, all IS forgiven by the greatness

Simply Great Information and Presentation

Our God is Almighty, he changes lives and shows us how he loves us.
I like your story very much. And I belive that God can do much more miracles in your life!

I only wish that the war is over.
God will make it happen.

@jeison This post was great! I'm a conniseur of great stories and I expect to see great things from you. Upvoted and following you now.

@williambanks thanks, and I hope to write good articles for all

We are all hypocrites, that's why "god loves us!"

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