Two kids with opportunities {STORY}

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Two kids with opportunities:

  • All started when our parents met each other. Yes, we are brothers.

  • At 9 September 2000, my older brother born. My mum was so happy.

  • After 2 years on 23 September, I was born.

  • She said to our father ' these kids are our opportunities, these kids are our feature.

  • When we grew up we realized that they wanted to have a better life.

  • We didn't have enough time to study cause we had to work.

  • One day at 2013, we saw a famous youtuber called PewDiePie.

  • He was very motivational so we decided to start youtube too.

  • At the first year, things weren't so good because we had to pay a lot of money for a better quality.

  • But one video went viral. That time we made our first internet money so we kept it up.

  • As the years were passing we made more and more subscribers.

  • Our parents were so proud of us.

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