My 300th post!

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I know it says I've made almost 2500 posts but come on, y'all know 2200 of those are comments. When I first started out making posts back in March and April I had lots of stupid shit I posted before I really started learning how to make posts here on Steemit. Early on I had trouble with HTML codes, how to make memes, and develop a signature. After a couple months I've figured some of them out and have been making better posts now just fine. As I got better at making posts the lengthier some became. I still have some very informative posts that I spent lots of time on that didn't get the attention they deserved. Hence my overall frustration here on Steemit. It took me 6 months to lose faith. I certainly don't take anything on Steemit at all seriously anymore. If you are still following me I'm sure you have figured that out! Which makes me think that several of us here now don't take Steemit at all seriously either. It is all just fun and games now. Especially now with Steem at a whopping 26 cents.

I originally had a story planned for my 300th post. I was going to write about my first time smoking weed promoting a contest for a new glass pipe made by a steemian here named @borofreak hosted by @canna-curate, blah blah, etc. Instead I got this rant. I can't keep up with all the stupid shit I want to rant about. I can only talk shit about stupid people for so long before that gets old. I've been so busy. I can't stay focused! I've been having to get busy getting prepared for the weather. All this global warming has snuck up on us hard here in the Ozarks. This weekend, the fake news network is saying that we are suppose to have 3 inches of snow (possibly more). The freezing temperatures has slowed down all of our production. Looks like it is going to be Spring before we will get moved into our house and be able to start farming again.

To be honest I don't have a good story for my first time smoking pot. It wasn't special. Yeah I was with a friend and got high but we really didn't do anything fun. I shared awhile back the funny story of the time I tried watching the Matrix with a head full of Acid (true story). Now that was a funny fucking story! I got a whole list of movies I want to watch on acid now as a result LOL. You can read my Matrix story here.

Instead now that all that bullshit is out of the way I will write about the first time I was smoking pot when I was introduced to the John Water's movie Pink Flamingos. It was almost 10 years ago now. Holy fuck has it been that long!? Yep, early 2009 or so. I was still living on my sailboat down in Florida long before moving to Portland and way long before becoming a Dipshit Dad. One of my old boat neighbors invited me over to his boat to watch the movie. He asked me if I ever seen the movie and he was shocked to hear that I had no clue who John Waters was. So of course I accepted his invitation to hot box his sailboat while we watched the movie.

I had no clue what I was getting myself into. Here it is you thought I had a sick and depraved mind. At least I did and still do LOL. Hell, as of today, I'm not at all ashamed of being a full blown indignant nihilistic misanthropist. Then I got high and watched this sick fucking John Waters movie LOL. To make a long story short, I must have cracked ribs from laughing so goddamn hard. Seriously, my chest and abdomen hurt for at least a week after watching this film. This was the sickest most funniest film of ALL TIME!!! John Waters is an epic genius if not an ascended master! There were times we had to pause the movie so we could laugh for several minutes we couldn't stop laughing. I was shocked John Waters was able to get away with making this movie, even for a cult film. Now he is one of my hero's. Of course my neighbor being a very hip old man in his 60s at the time knew of the film because, well, he grew up with it. He was a young man in 1971 when the film was made. So of course my generation would have no clue of such a masterpiece.

Well there you have my Pink Flamingos story. Probably not as funny as my watching the Matrix and acid story but alright I think. Something worth reading and getting a good laugh at anyways. Hope you found this story of mine here entertaining :-).

Thanks for reading!

You can check out the contest for the glass pipe made by @borofreak here...

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Haha! Great entry for our giveaway. John Waters is a sick guy, but a fucking genius! Going to have to check this movie out. Good luck!

Thanks @canna-curate! I know I'm a little late at getting in my entry but like I said I've been so busy I can't keep up LOL.

As of today thanks to seeing this movie I can't hear that old "Bird Is The Word" song with out thinking of a singing asshole. If you've seen the film you know what scene I'm talking about HA HA.

I will draw names Saturday so not late at all

That's funny..

Thanks Dave! Rainbow Man's Shitty Spiritual Advice: Get you a copy of this movie, get high as balls, and watch it with all your friends. Make it a John Waters movie night :-). I'm sure you can find some sick fucker down there in Puerto Rico who has a copy of this movie LOL. You're welcome too by the way.

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