The Dark Chamber - (Short Story)

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Sitting in front of a big Palace two friends named Frank and Marvin were talking about the recent war. They were in the same batch and were very close to each other. They were in a party which was given by the Colonel in occasion of winning the war. Everybody was talking about their bravery and some were proudly showing the scars they got in the war. Frank was little different from others. He was very brave but he never wanted a war.

When the party was about to end Marvin came closer to Frank and said, "I have a request for you. But I don't know whether you will agree or not."

Frank: Hey...What happened? Feel free to speak. I am your best friend buddy.

Marvin: Actually, I have some important documents in one my old home. And I want them for some work.

Frank: So you want me to take them for you? If you want I will go.

Marvin: Yes I want that but you will not go alone. I will go with you. It will take 2 days to reach there with our horses. I can go alone but if you come with me it will be an amazing journey.

Frank: Ok. I am ready just tell me when we are going.

Marvin: After 3 days. Pack your bag. We will stay there for few days. You will definitely like that place. One of the best places to stay in the world according to me. Come to my home after days in the morning and we will start our journey.

After the conversation both the friends decided to go in Marvin's old Mansion. Days passed and after 3 days Frank went to Marvin's home and both started their ride. Both were riding their horses and suddenly Frank asked, "Marvin, You didn't tell me about the paper's you want to bring. If you don't mind can you tell me what's so important in those papers?"

Marvin: There are some of my property papers and that's why I am going there. And enjoy the beauty of nature my friend.

After two days of the long journey, the reached their destination. When they reached Frank said, "Is this your Mansion?"

Marvin: Yes it is mine after my father's death.

Frank: Why don't you stay in this place. This place is too beautiful. The beautiful voice of the birds. The beauty of that sea which we saw near your home is driving me crazy. I just want to spend my life in this place.

Marvin: Yes it's a very beautiful place. And I also want to spend rest of my life in this place but as you know our work is not an ordinary job. The main town is very far from this place. And my family members don't like this place. I don't know why and tried to convince them many times but they never listened.

Now leave these things. We have some days in our hands to enjoy the beauty of this place. So till then enjoy every second.

After that, both went inside the palace. When they went towards the main gate they saw a big lock on the gate.

Frank: Marvin, You have the keys right?

Marvin: No I don't have the keys.

Then suddenly the housekeeper came and said, "Hello sir. After so many days I am seeing you."

"Hi, Brock...Nice to meet you. So You locked the main door?" Marvin asked.

"Yes, sir. I locked the door to avoid thieves," Brock replied.

Ok...Ok. Now open the doors. We are very tired. And manage some foods for us. And clean our rooms.

After unlocking the door both the friends entered the room. Frank started looking the rooms and other stuff and said, This mansion is old but beautiful.

Marvin: Yes, it is old and from many years nobody leaves here so everything is messed up. But We will spend some good days here.

Frank: Yeah. We will. This place is far better than the dirty cave where I slept during the war.

After listening this bothy started to laugh. And suddenly Brock called them for dinner. After dinner, Marvin took Frank on the upper floor and went into a room and said, "This is your room. I think this place is fine for you. Now go sleep. You must be tired. Tomorrow you will meet some of my old friends and yours too. I already told them about our arrival. If you need anything call me.

Frank: Ok sure. This room is nice. Good Night Marvin.

After that Marvin went to his room and fell asleep.

In the morning all of the guests came to Marvin's home. And here Marvin was waiting for Frank to wake but even after 1 hour of ringing the breakfast bell, Frank didn't come. So Marvin thought to went to his room but when he was about to go He saw Frank coming through the main door.

His hairs and dress were messed up. And it was unnatural for an army general.

Marvin went towards Frank and said, "You are late my friend. What happened. You didn't sleep well?

Have your breakfast and we will go for hunting. And I will show you the forest.

After few seconds of silence. Frank said, "I am going back, my friend. I have some important things to do. I am very sorry but I can't live here anymore."

Marvin: Why? What happened to you? Did somebody tell you something?

No...My friend nobody told me anything. I have some work and I am going home.

Marvin: What work my friend. Please tell me what happened? For God's sake please tell me.

After that Marvin grabbed Frank's hand and took him in a corner away from the guest and told him to say everything.

Frank: My friend. You know me very well. I am not a coward and I never feared to do something. But whatever I saw last night blew my mind. I know you will not trust me. But still, I will tell you everything.

Marvin: My friend. I know you better than anyone else. And I have full faith in you. Tell me everything.

Frank: So listen. Yesterday when you left the room. I changed my clothes and started to clean the bed. After cleaning the bed I went to sleep. But suddenly heard a noise beside me. And when I turned my head I saw an old woman wearing white cloth. At first, I thought she entered into my room by mistake.

So to tell her about my existence I coughed. But when she turned My heart stopped working. She was not alive. Her hairs touched my hands. And they were freezing cold. After that my conscious was not in a good state but after few minutes she was not in bed. I somehow tried to stay rave but whenever that creepy face came to my mind I lost my bravery.

Somehow I spend the night in that room. And when the first ray of sun came to my room I went outside and thought about the last night but I still can't figure out what was that. I don't know if you believe me or not but every single word I told you is true.

Marvin said, "I trust you, my friend. And the truth is I already knew about that room. Many people told me about that room but I never believed. So I bring you here to know the truth. I know about your bravery and If you are saying this then something is really there. Sorry for not telling you my friend. I am sorry. If you can forgive me.

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