It's very raining.

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In the last four days it has received very heavy rains. It is not right that the rain is tumultuous at night, during the day, The face of the sky is blacker than the cottage. Already the road on the Karla river was submerged. Wake up the whole city.

Arjuna did not leave the house for four days. No bed without bathing and eating. Now the book of all the famous detective stories of the world, beside his pillow. Of course, in English. Simultaneously compiling a reader digest magazine. The mysterious events of the world. He read this book in the morning, lying down on the bed. This real mystical story is far more intriguing than a detective story.

At this time someone jumped hard. Arjuna knows, the mother will open the door. Mother is very happy to grow up to four days in a row. After a little while he came home, your letter.

Arjuna raises his hand. White envelope Cover the face. He asked, who gave?

A boy came. Mother said, Khikuri today?

Great The rain that is not accumulated!

Tomorrow we have to go to the market despite rain. Mom went away.

Open the envelope Arjun. Jaggud letter. Arjuna of affection, hope you are good Last night, we returned home in the rain. When I got out early this morning. Still the rain So despite having the will, you will not be able to meet with you to write a letter! You need emergency with you. Can you come to my office in Siliguri today? Our bank at Siliguri Service Road. Greetings. Your hugs.
Arjun read the letter twice. People like Jagodara will not call him in Siliguri for no reason. Minibus takes about fifty minutes.

This rain on her. What is the matter He looked outside the window. Now the tinkling water is falling. I do not want to go outside. Keeping the letter in the envelope, he tried to put his mind on the mysterious story. No, I remember the letter repeatedly. Jugda is very serious people He liked him very much. He shouts from the bed loudly, mother, make a quick look at me, I'll leave.

Oma, where will this rain go? Mother's throat came floating.

In Siliguri Jugda has sent a call.

The mother did not really like the word. So the voice of his voice changed. When do you return?

In the evening. Achieved the answer.

Now it is difficult to take the umbrella hand. The umbrella can not be straightforward in the case of the vortex air with rain. Arjuna planted the rainy season. Porch-covered hat on the head The little gamboot in the legs. After wearing this dress in two pockets and walking on the road, I remember the detectives of Niharjanjan Gupta. She also read such characters in foreign books. Last year Arjuna's favorite writer Sunil Gangopadhyay came here. When he talked, he asked, "Well, why do not you think your Kanto Babu is mysterious detective?" The gentleman asked laughing?

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