The Reflection

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In some parts of the world, folks have to start their day with at least a cup of coffee; almost like a ritual. Down here, the only time folks drink coffee is probably when preparing for a test or an examination. We don’t really do tea either! 🤷🏽‍♂️

But the thing is, for a couple of years now, I’ve been living my life digitally and this has made me unintentionally pick up some habits. So these days, I don’t start my day with a cup of coffee, I drown in them! See proof below...


It feels really awesome, I must say! The energy I get is surreal and I go on to conquer any task I attempt. The thing is, I rarely attempt tasks but you get the gist!

As the day wears on, my sweet tooth kicks in and I have no choice but to give in. Except I don’t think it is “giving in” if I’ve made it a policy to not deny anyone what they want; young or old, white or not white!

It’s not like I eat much tho... just a little bite of this and that, that’s all. It’s all in a bid to make the world a better place; if you can see the big picture!



But you know life’s not a bed of roses, yeah? It’s not even a pillow of roses! Heck, we hardly get any roses from life maybe cause of global warming? Whatever the excuse is, it’s obvious life prefers lemons to roses! 🤷🏽‍♂️

It’s for these reasons a man has got to be sober sometimes and reflect on some things...

I’d love to tell you those things but I seem to have run out of characters and you know how valuable a good character is, don’t you?

Always remember that a good name is better than a bad name!

See ya next time. ✌🏽

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Bed of roses that torns won't let you sleep. Well the message was passed across, funny too with drowning in a cup of coffee, you never mentioned Cold stone Ice cream as one of the sweet tooth😂😂.. Lovely one and do enjoy the rest of your day.


Haha... I know right? Who wants a bed of roses anyway? If I did mention Coldstone Ice-cream then I'd have to mention Hollandia Yoghurt, Maltesers, and on and on... You get the gist 😂 I didn't want anyone of them to get jealous.

Thanks for stopping by 😉

Beautiful! There goes the wordsmith!!!I absolutely loved this, twas carefree and young like Do me a favor love (as my steemit mentor) and read my recent post. Please tell me what you think. It's my first time trying out such a style. Cheers!


Thank you, thank you! I enjoyed writing it 😄. I've checked out your post and dropped my thought.


Saw it just now...Thank you!!!

_ Chuckles_ I just kept laughing while I read through this post of your sir @fisteganos. It made so much pia matter e.g

my sweet tooth kicks in and I have no choice but to give in. cool rhymes


Haha 😆

And I can’t stop laughing 😆 😂😃😀😄

There is really nothing as good as having a good character, well said brother.
You received a shout-out on my show let's talk about it with @oluwatobiloba. You can check my blog to view the message.