Brutally Honest: 8 - Fame

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The bond I enjoyed with my trusted steed, the Vauxhall Astra, was a mixed one. Nothing to do with the mechanics of the car itself, mind. There were hardly any problems in that respect. But more to do with the memories attached to the car. Whilst some were downright “shocking” as you’ll come to find out so enough, others were better than I could have ever imagined. The pinnacle of which would be the following…

Thumbs Up.jpg

Within the frugal world of the young, there were many instances of skewed dynamics. A most popular type being the cost of a car versus the post-sound system installed. My beloved Astra and I were right up there as being a definitive example of that. Of the grand and a half shelled out for the car in the first place, the sound system I had later decided to confine into it’s mediocre innards was nothing short of two and a half times that value. No joke, it could have been used as a "rally call" at a ten-thousand strong protest march. Everybody would guaranteed to have heard it. Hence my pet nickname for this aural weapon on wheels . “The Pied Piper” (later, shortened to simply “Piper”).

So, my friend Lee (surprised, surprise) and I were on our way to the pictures in trendy West Kesington. Profiling our way there in style with all the windows wound down and the thunderous bass causing mini-tremors through the streets. We got the “looks” from girls, guys, young, old, families, even animals. That just made us feel all the more “gangsta” as my ride cruised past the meagre citizens of the city. However, what they were "actually" thinking of us was another matter entirely. After all, the teenage imagination can conjure up all manner of ultra-pimped out images of how people are perceiving you. The sickening jealously of not just “seeing” you but wanting to be “being” you. Well, I suppose the truth of that statement lies solely with them. Though I do have an inkling as to what direction their train of thought would have swung. But anyways, I disgress…

We pulled up in front of the cinema and everybody is now staring at the car. The obvious reaction, given the sheer amount of amplitude-defying sound emanating from it’s core. I remember to the left of the theatre, a posh-looking restaurant situated directly next to it. Several couples were peacefully (well, not anymore) scoffing away at their food and a certain lady in the background actually raising her arms into the air in time with the beats of my system. We glanced at each other, with a subtle nod of approval and respect. Seeing Lee in his element was always a joy in itself. Parking up, I locked the car (using a key instead of the standard central locking method of "button-push") and descended toward the cinema.

Fast approaching the entrance, some peculiar movement caught our eye. A figure near to where the lady sat getting down to my state-of-the-art auditory marvel, was waving at us both. We turned to have a look and I swear, Lee visibly had to hold on to my shoulder. It was none other than Brian May. Yes, of the legendary rock band Queen! Calling “us” over to “him”! Sitting next to the great man was wife Anita Dobson! From iconic English soap opera Eastenders! Surreal just didn’t cut it. I’m not sure how to explain this in words to appropriately justify the following few seconds, but I assume we simply “floated” our way over to them. Lee and I were extreme rock enthusiasts (even having our own band at the time) so being this close to the master himself was merely the stuff of dreams. But hey, it was happening alright.

There we stood, like scrawny pageboys in front of a noble king and queen in their respective fields. Brian extended a arm out to me. As if… To shake it? Like… A friend would? Regardless, eyes now like saucers, I rapidly reciprocated. In the midst of this incredible moment, he grasped my hand, shook it and remarked, ”That’s one hell of a music system you got there!” Did I blink? Did I wince? No, you did, in fact, hear me correctly. “The May” complimented me on one half of my treasured pride and joy. I was floored, as was my unsteady friend wobbling beside me. Whereas all I could muster was a wimpish, ”Thank you, Sir May…”, Lee thought it wiser to simply mumble, ”We love you.”. Oh yes, his wife cracked up in hysterics at these star-struck youths whose lives had been made all that more meaningful after tonight. It was a fantasy come true. Anyways, Brian giggled, shaking his head, before politely nodding in our general direction and set about back to his evening dinner. The amount of times that must have occurred given his global status, would be innumerable, at best. But who cares, we were an infinitesimal part of it.

A short while later, we were still in a mode of mostly stunned silence. ”I can’t believe it.” murmured Lee. ”It’s like… Your system has been baptized.” That comment right there snapped me out of my glazed trance. I laughed out loud and relaxed to let that defining, historic moment simmer in my mind. ”We’ll never forget this, man.” I replied back. ”This is, honestly, one of the greatest days of my existence so far. What in the hell can ever top this?"


Hope you enjoyed this story, please look out for more on the way... (author: @ezzy)


Oh, what a chance happening!

What's nice about this series is that they can be the basis of your memoirs when you write your autobiography. Since, ya know, you will be world famous with the books you are to write and release. :D

Yes, pal! That's another main reason I'm laying down these pretty "personal" anecdotes out here on Steemit. A record of my life that get never be broken. But world famous? Oh my bro, maybe only in the eyes of a few, lol.

Bless you, man! :)

This is one of the best ones so far. Again, did NOT see that coming, but I guess that's the beauty of it. I loved the digression about how we think people perceive us, you speak of our younger days, but I'd bet it would be interesting to do some auto-analysis even now that we're older, don't you think?
Anyway, there is no "selfie" of that moment, so the picture will be in your mind. And that's a hell of a lot more precious than a bunch of pixels on your screen.

That "Selfie" moment is now only captured on my mental hard drive. Hope it don't break down anytime soon, lol. Thanks for your kind words, bro. This one, though, was up there as one of the highlights of my life. :)

ezzy you truly motivate me - as I was reading, I kept asking myself how can I become a good writer like you? I know its writing more everyday but do you follow a certain outline?

anyways, its morning time here in asia and reading your short passages with cup of coffee is how i start my day! Cheers mate

Man, I appreciate the feedback! Thanks! My formula, in all honesty, is to throw everything down in one sitting and edit where necessary later on. As simple as... Hope you have a great day ahead of you and once again, thanks very much. :)

What a great memory! I bet you guys talked about that for a long time!

Hey there, Eric! Thanks for stopping by, buddy! Man, that was a talking point referred to "many" a time after that. The same may not be the case from Mr. May's point of view, lol.

Bless, Eric. Hope you're doing great! :)

My pleasure! Oh, I bet. What a thrill that would have been. I have to admit, your series has me reminiscing about my younger days. I'm not sure if I'm ready to share all of our adventures quite yet. : ) All is well on this end! HardFork is keeping us very busy these days. We made great progress over the last few weeks. I hope you guys are doing great too. Bless you, Brother!

The baptized aural weapon on wheels... you can't make this stuff up :-D

Great story, as usual. Keep it coming!

Lol, that sounds like something which should be banned from being on the road! Nice summary of the automotive legend that was my 1.6 Vauxhall Astra. :)

Ok, now, just out of curiosity... Where is Lee right now? What does he do these days?

Lee and I sadly don't keep in touch much now. Possibly down to the progressions of life and the such. Shame really, because we spent so much of it together in our teens and have so much to look back on. He works in the "car parts" industry, as far as I know. Ironic, right? :)

Hahaha. Oh lord, I'm still laughing at your total starstruck dialogue.

That Astra must have been something else. Please tell me you still have it!

Nice! And you know what? He actually looked pretty much like that when I saw him. Smile and everything! :)

Dang. That one is an exceptional story. I’m loving this content, in general, but Brian May, philosopher-king of guitarists blessing your sound system is a whole ‘nother level entirely.

Oh mate! I'm glad you can relate to how that must have felt for me, especially back then when most of the band members were still in the media spotlight. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. :)

This is, honestly, one of the greatest days of my existence so far. What in the hell can ever top this…”

For once, not an embarrassing moment, instead one of the most exciding experiances anyone could have gone through not only at that time, but anytime. I was a huge Queen and Brian May fan as well just like everybody else. I hope you took a picture at that time.

Oh man, the picture! Unfortunately, back then the "smart phone" was but a thing of myth. And even if I had one, the process of actual "thinking" had been somewhat stunted at the time, lol. **Lee"" himself is my only verification to this extraordinary event in my life. But the solemn truth, it most certainly is... :)

You and Lee must have felt on the top that day. I love Brian May with Queen. I’m definitely jealous. This was nice one experience.

It was crazy, man. Something I will treasure for the rest of my life. Even if I may have come across as a bit of a weirdo at the time. But hey, I'm sure Mr. May gets that all the time. :)

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Very well put, bud. :)

I've caught up to here, and it is a super fun journey, haha, I love your friend Lee, I feel like I'm getting to know him- ironically my brother's best childhood friend is also Lee and your description reminds me of him so i keep picturing the Lee I know and love lol.
Anyone would be star struck in this situation :)

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