SOUL'S BREATH (An Original Poem)

in story •  2 years ago

The sun’s twisted spires
warm all but those who
are huddled deep within
the solemn shadow’s grasp

even then some find solace
by the mere sight
of its golden glow,

muse for me is like the sun
once it rises it heals,
shining in all the right places,
fear and doubt huddle and squint,
nestled in their dark nooks,
rocking back and forth with stinging eyes

this great internal sunrise
brings such lasting Peace
and contentment that one
can no longer feel smothered by life
muse is the soul’s breath,
nothing more...nothing less.

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Geetings, Beautifully written, Correct me if I am wrong, is this not prose rather than poetry?


Thanks, @awgbibb! I consider this free verse poetry (free of meter and rhyme), it's very close to prose.

Peace be with you. I enjoyed the sentiment the poem evoked.


Same to you, @poetree! Thank you.

Beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing.


Thanks, I appreciate your support!

"Once it rises it heals." Beautiful words my friend.


Thanks, @lyndon.sipe! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

excellent poem, I love his work congratulations


This is a great poem! Thank you for sharing it with us!


You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm thinking a lot about the sun now that Autumn is settling in.

Very beautifull view and poem sir, well done !

Such a beautiful poem!


Thank you @travelista! I hope all is well!

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