Happy 10th Birthday, Bitcoin!

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Satoshi Nakamoto began mining the genesis block on January 3, 2009. I can hardly believe it's been a decade since the birth of Bitcoin. I often wonder if he/she/they had any idea the impact this would have on the world?

I don't remember hearing much about Bitcoin until about five years later, in late 2014, when Charlie Shrem was sentenced to prison for charges surrounding the Silk Road scandal. I recall this stoking my curiosity a bit and thinking to myself, "I should learn more about Bitcoin!" However, the mainstream media portrayed it in such a negative light I decided to pass. Besides, I was still hustling so hard to save our house after the housing crisis of 2008 I didn't have much bandwidth for anything else.

Then came my introduction to Steemit in July of 2016. Steemit became my gateway into the world of cryptocurrency. Through total immersion I received a crash course in Bitcoin and many other altcoins. In about four months most of our debts accrued through the Housing Crisis were paid off and I was able to start building a nice savings for the first time in my life.

Like anything remotely worthwhile, these past couple of years have not been an easy road. Just a few years ago barriers to entry into this space were far greater than they are today and they forced us to learn...lots. Wallets and exchanges have gotten easier to use and there are more of them. Since joining Steemit my worldview and ideology have been challenged on several occasions, tested, then reconfigured.

I've lost the equivalent of a few Bitcoin in a variety of ways...failed ICO's, botched transactions, and lost passwords/keys. I had substantially more Bitcoin stolen during last year's Bitgrail theft, which I hope to recover at least a percentage of once the trial is finally over. What I've come to realize throughout this crypto rollercoaster ride is my largest gains can't be lost or otherwise stolen.

My most valuable gain is seeing the world through a completely new lens. It's being able to identify the multitude of ways those who rule the world use fear and disinformation as a means of controlling the masses and continuing the cycle of despair. Last, but not least, working with an incredible team to build a transmedia company (HardFork Entertainment, Inc.) that we hope will introduce this space to millions of more sets of eyes.

Bitcoin has sparked a rebirth, a second chance for us all to achieve happiness and a greater freedom. The more you learn about the technology, the more potential you realize there is.

Happy Birthday Bitcoin and many thanks to you, Satoshi Nakamoto (whoever you are), for this incredible gift to the world.

On this eve of Bitcoin's tenth anniversary I ask you...

How Has Bitcoin (and cryptocurrency in general) Changed Your Life?

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My most valuable gain is seeing the world through a completely new lens. It's being able to identify the multitude of ways those who rule the world use fear and disinformation as a means of controlling the masses and continuing the cycle of despair.

You are speaking my mind Eric. Now everything makes perfect sense. All those things that we used to whisper...are just the raw reality.

Eventually they will all go down...but it might take some time


The more I learn about it the more I'm just am in awe of the genius of it all.

I like you got in later with crypto. Someone I know got me involved in BC. At the time I did not know about pump and dump so what was not stolen from me. Yes, I let them handle some of the buying was lost in the dump.

I could not imagine why my friend kept telling me to get out. I seem to learn some things the hard way.

Here we are and Steemit is a great place to meet others and learn about crypto.


I'm sorry you lost out in that way! I know quite a few people who lost substantial amounts trying to time the market.


I appreciate that Eric. Yes, it was climbing so I refused to sell. I did not know what he knew. It was time to dump. lol

The world has certainly changed in 10 years. I wish I could go back in time though and change my mind when I decided not to mine Bitcoin in the first place.


I can hardly believe how much has changed in a decade. I remember how helpless I felt, personally, during the 2008 financial crisis but then how excited I was watching the Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous movements grow. The protests were just like a release valve for the masses though, cryptocurrency is the real key to substantial change. I wish I would've mined in the beginning too, now it makes no sense unless you have a huge operation.

I don't know how to explain this to you, not bitcoin but cryptocurrency at large has put food on my table, made me a self sufficient man.

Thanks to Sakamoto.


Cryptocurrency has given this freedom to many, I'm glad it's worked out for you!

It's 10th birthday of bitcoin but I know about bitcoin from last year .

Happy 19th year birthday to Bitcoin, because I know for sure that this year Bitcoin price is going to surge to a record high as I see Bitcoin as the future world currency @ericvancewalton

Happy birthday to bitcoin .

@ericvancewalton, First of all good to know your Roller-coaster Journey and it sounds nothing easy specially when it comes to house because it's just not about the material aspect, it's more an Emotional aspect.

Good wishes from my side for your company and hope that it will going to bring effectivity in this Sphere.

Stay Blessed brother. 🙂

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hope to downtrend to end, and Happy 10th Birthday,Bitcoin!

Bitcoin is bamboo or slap for those who speak bubbles. happy birthday bitcoin. great articles by @ericvancewalton

Wow a decade has gone by and bitcoin is changing the world ever since it came into existence ... Long live Bitcoin !!!

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King of coins only Bitcoin ,,10th anniversary of Bitcoin ,you share a great post with us.

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