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I can't wait to see what happens next. Since space travel has existed and since we began to scan and evaluate our planet and its environment for possible dangers and terrestrial changes, people have been worried about whether and how they will ever escape from the planet.

What appeals to me is what names you have found for the respective protagonists and their functions. A simple but all the more important universal use of language. It is a real challenge to describe human coexistence. Which form of hierarchy - if one installs one - one chooses, which conditions justify the action etc.?

The dome existence in your narrative reflects a little the already prevailing fear and attitude of people not to come into contact with each other, the danger of infection and the like.

The considerable efforts that the human race has to make to escape from the dying planet or to make life possible for as long as possible is the old question of consensus and the setting of priorities, which, as long as there is no danger of such an extent, are always put on the back burner.

The content of the golden record does not give much cause for hope because of the many warnings and dangers it reveals.

Personally, I hope for surprising twists and turns and a further deepening, which I will almost certainly get from you.

Glad that you are following your imagination and striving to create a story. I look forward to the follow-up.


Thank you for reading my story and for your insightful comment. Amazing that at my age I can be excited by these ideas and the prospect of writing them down!

All the points you mention are good areas to explore. The danger of contagion, priorities, the risk of remaining vs. leaving--all of these have potential for conflict.

I think the charm of science fiction is that it blends reality with imagination. Fantasy (which I also like) doesn't require the writer to tether the material. Science fiction demands a little more.

The second chapter is already begun... actually, it was part of this story but my son advised me to leave it, and he was right.

Thank you, again, for your encouragement. I think I will write this and publish it here even if people don't read it.

Don't let yourself stop. Your son was a good adviser. Unfortunately this environment for a strange reason makes people not reading long passages. I notice it myself though I do not like it. Maybe it is also a design thing ... I don't know.

What writing does to me - if I think a story through and through until it's very end - is that it teaches me something about myself. That is the great process of writing, isn't it?

It's also inventing language in a personal way.

I hope more people will come to read. Looking forward which further characters you are going to install.

Thank you for your encouragement!! You are a good friend, Erika. If people here don't like the story, I will write and publish it on my website, and then possibly rewrite it in book form. 😁
This is my website (one of them!) if you want to take a peak. I neglected the website when I started blogging on Steemit, but recently have returned to it.
My philosophy: just keep plugging and don't look back :)

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