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In the outshirts of the sleepy town, Jonesville, we find two brothers sitting on the steps to the porch of their cabin. The air was still and no bird offered a song, it was time to part ways.

No neighbors around, intruders were easy-spotting when lounging around, staring deep into the forest.

"How come we gotta listen to 'em townfolk? We ain't right there with 'em, ain't causing no problems."
"Yey, we gotta, slim. Father told us."
"But ain't nothing wrong with'm."
Ross shook his head. "No matter what we think, they won't listen. It's been doing us good listening to them, we ain't in the bushes setting up traps for'em, and we ain't twisted like a trapped monkey when he gets no food. I'll say we stay doing what we doing."
Nathan clenched both fists. "What's the matter with you? Lost your senses, boy? What happened to never giving up?"
"Oh for godsake, if we try against these motherfuckers, they'll cut us all down."
"That's what they want you to think. They flesh and bones just like me and you, ain't nothing special, we just gotta do something to keep them away, forever."
"Don't you be thinking like that, we been fostering over this for so long, have you seen his eyes lately? He looks ready."
"They made'm ready with those drugs they sent and you just had to be the obedient one, too weak to make decisions of your own. You're supposed to help him while I'm out hunting, not get him ready to die. I knew I did the right thing."
"What right thing? What did you do?" Ross glared at Nathan. "You tell me what you've done, or I swear to gawd, I'mma hurt you."
Nathan grinned. "I hired assassins to kill'em on they journey, father is staying with us. He ain't sick, and he is still capable of doing anything."
A tear rolled down Ross's cheek, he patted Nathan on the back.
"You know I'm right Ross. Why they gotta tell us everything? We don't have to listen to them anymore." He pulled out boarding tickets to the Space-Glider 8-40, shook them in Ross's face. "We can get out of here, they'll never catch us."
Ross lowered his eyelids and bowed his head. "We're going to make it. It will be okay."
"No it ain't. You think I'm playing? We gots to go, those motherfuckers aren't coming here today. They probably dead by now."
"Don't you want to make peace instead?"
There was rustling of fallen leaves within the forest. Heavy measured footsteps of three figures dressed in red cloaks, battle-protection gear underneath, laser blade on their hips.

"Who's that coming, Nathan? Do you know who those three are?"
"Fuck this. We're leaving." He bolted inside, threw his father over his shoulder and ran out the back door into the forest. "Ross!Ross!"

Ross remained seated. The three figures walked side by side, straight at the cabin. Simultaneously, their heads exploded as they crossed the trip-wire.


Sirens rang from town, the judges knew now. The droids were coming. Running was of no use, the whirl of the machines zipping through the air confirmed the stories of old rogue members of Jonesville; death to the whole household, guaranteed.



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