@enazwahsdarb - Thank you so much! Words of encouragement are always required. please resteem the post if you like it! I'll appreciate the efforts.

I don't ever really rested, so it's nothing personal, just not the way I do things. I did, however, leave you an upvote :)

Always remember, to be able to get the things that you want, you news to give others what they want first. I'm saying this to help you in the future.

I was just generous enough to support your stuff, but not too many people are like this. For most people, you need to prove to them why your content is even worth their time to look at. In order to do this, you need to support their content first :)

Always give in order to receive. If you caught the message :)

@enazwahsdarb - Thank you so much and I'll remember these kind words. I agree with you. We need to provide to the community. I got your message :-p. I'll follow you. 😊

Awesome stuff :) Let's keep moving forward. Work hard!

@enazwahsdarb - Thanks! Hard work always pays off.

@enazwahsdarb - I use Nikon D3200 with differences lens.

Awesome camera! I can see you enjoy photography. You like to take bokeh shots?

@enazwahsdarb - Indeed, I love photography and enjoy both in front or back of camera. I enjoy taking Bokeh shots. Can't resist the quality which it brings to the focused subject.