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Hi 🎭Steemians, I hope you all are doing well. You all must remember that during my very first introductory post, I promised you all that I'll write more about traveling, food, crypto currencies and stories inspired from real incidences in my future posts. So, keeping my promise here's the very first installment of a story inspired by true events. I hope that you guys will like this story.

My Friend Barry 🐦

My Friend Barry

This story started on a Friday evening in November 2016. From early morning all the weather alerts on my phone were shouting about the bad weather, thunderstorms and heavy rain warnings. The day was passing by and now the office wall clock was showing 6 pm. With each passing minute, the weather was becoming worst. I was hearing the roaring sounds of lightning and thunderstorms from the morning. By this time, the sky was covered with dark clouds. I was so much nervous just with the mere thought of driving in this weather as I work in Virginia and live in Maryland and it took me an hour every day to commute. With so many thoughts in my head, I left my office and moved towards my car.


I open the car door and while trying to sit in the driving seat, I tried to look outside. It was hard to see anything due to gusty winds and it seems like a storm is surrounding the area. I turned on my car headlights and wiper. My car was running around streets and within next few minutes, I passed by Tyson corners and entered I-495 N freeway. Normally, I-495 N is busy during peak traffic hours, however, that day the traffic was moving really very slow. Soon it started pouring and now car wipers started swinging back and forth in full throttle.In order to distract me from bad weather and slow traffic, I turned on the music in my car. Momentarily, Adele - "Rolling in the Deep" started playing.

The atmosphere around me lighten up by the song and I almost lost in my old memories. I was going to meet my parents after 3 years and my round trip ticket for India was booked. My flight was next week, however, in my head, I was trying to finalize my shopping and check list. I didn't realize when I covered most of the commute distance and just a 2-minute drive to my home was left. By this time rain was almost stopped.

Another picture of Barry


All of a sudden, my car screeched to a halt. I was hardly able to stop my car. Along with me, all the following vehicles stopped one after another. There was something happening on the road ahead of me. Two big eagles were fighting with each other. When I looked carefully then I figured out that they both were fighting over a baby bird. Without wasting any moment, I pull over the car to the right side lane, put my car in parking mode and almost jump out of the car. I wanted to save that baby bird by any means. I picked a broken branch of a tree from the side of the road, shouted on top of my lungs and marched towards those fighting eagles. Both of the big birds got scared of this surprising move from me and flew away. I went closer to the innocent baby bird. He was a small house sparrow baby and possibly even didn't know how to fly. I lifted him up carefully and bring him with me to my car.

It was only drizzling by that time, however, I got drenched , but I had no time to give it a thought. By that time other drivers started blowing horns. That was my mistake, I forgot to turn on the emergency lights. I turned on the emergency lights. Now there was another problem waiting for me - "Where to put this little bird safely?"" I looked around and find my lunch carry case. I took out my lunch box and put the baby bird in that lunch carry case. This time the baby bird opened his eyes for a while, glanced at me and then turn his head to another side. I turned off the emergency lights, put the car in drive mode and drove the car to my home.

Kreeen.. Opened the main door of my apartment located on the third floor. After entering the apartment, my first task was to provide medical attention to the baby bird as he was shivering badly. I found an empty carton in the pantry. I quickly filled it with old newspapers. Thereafter, I carefully removed baby sparrow from my lunch box case and moved him to the carton. Then using a soft cotton lint, I tried to clean him, however, he became scared of me and tried to hide in the corner of the carton. I was expecting this reaction, as he was with a stranger in totally new surrounding and possibly missing his mom. For me it was important to keep him clean and warm, so once again I tried to clean him. This time he didn't resist. Possibly he understood that I was trying to keep him safe. Within next 15 minutes, he started making Chirp sounds.

Chirp Chirp!!
Chirp Chirp!!
Chirp Chirp!!

I felt like that he's hungry and asking for food. I had no idea what to do in order to feed him. I called my mom back in India as she has a pair of parrots as household birds. My mom told me to give lukewarm milk with the help of a dropper to the little bird. I got some milk from the fridge and microwave it for 15 seconds. I was not able to find dropper and there was no time to extend my search for that, so I used cotton lint to drop milk into sparrow baby's mouth. This trick worked out and my little friend finished all milk. By that time, I was feeling relieved that he will survive. I looked at the wall clock, it was showing 11 pm. There was no time and energy to prepare food, so without any hesitation, I made some noodles quietly. I throw myself to the couch and finished my dinner while staring the little bird. I didn't realize when I fall asleep.

Chirp Chirp!!
Chirp Chirp!!
Chirp Chirp!!

This sound wakes me up. I looked at the clock which was showing 6 am. For a typical Saturday that's not the time when I wake up. I looked down at the carton, where the baby sparrow is sitting in one corner. He was looking at me and making continuous Chirp sound as he was feeling hungry. I warm some milk for him and fed him. I looked out the window and saw clear skies. I put the carton near the balcony door and opened the balcony glass door while keeping screen door closed. I was keeping a close eye on the little bird while doing my routine housework. Here I want to mention that I named this little sparrow baby as *Barry *🐦! (I'm a big fan of Marvel comics and those days, I was following 3rd season of Flash!!). I stayed there sitting on the couch for some time while watching Barry🐦, who is looking outside the balcony door to clear skies. When I was sure that Barry is comfortable and not going anywhere then I left to take a shower.

Chirp Chirp!!
Chirp Chirp!!
Chirp Chirp!! (Lots of Noise)

I felt there is some noise outside. I turned off the shower and hear loud sounds of Barry🐦. I got scared, put on my cloths and run towards the balcony door. To my surprise, there were two adult sparrows in my balcony and making chirp sounds. Barry🐦 was so eager to come out of the carton. It was not hard to understand that those were Barry's 🐦 parents. At that time, to be frank I had mixed feelings. That very moment, I felt some type of attachment towards Barry🐦 and not liking the fact that his parents found him. I was standing right there and doing nothing.

Chirp Chirp!!
Chirp Chirp!! (Lots of Noise)

The Chirp sound kept on increasing. That time, I realized that it's in the best interest of Barry🐦 that I would let him go. I came closer to the carton and took Barry🐦 out of it. Next, I opened the balcony screen door and to my surprise, the adult sparrows didn't fly away and they were holding their ground. One of them seems very aggressive and I was quite sure that she was the mommy sparrow. I carefully placed Barry🐦 on balcony floor and came inside the apartment and closed screen door behind me. I sat on the couch and with my all attention looking outside through balcony doors to witness the family reunion.

Both parents for few minutes were very suspicious and didn't come close to Barry🐦. They were carefully scanning their surroundings. Once they were assured that it's not a trap then came close to Barry🐦 and started showing their love to him. Thereafter, one of the adult sparrow (possibly father) flew away and came back with something in his beak. It was a worm in his beak which then he fed to Barry🐦.

Barry with his friend and family

It was an emotional moment. I was feeling so happy that I was able to save Barry 🐦 and he's now with his parents. I was still wondering that how come Barry's🐦 parents find out that he's here with me in this apartment, they surprised me more by staying there. I was not able to understand, why they were not taking Barry🐦 with them and fly away. I was so desperate to solve this mystery.

In the meantime, mom sparrow was cleaning Barry🐦. After some time, Barry🐦 started spreading his wings and jumping here and there. I did some research on the internet and find out that Barry🐦 was a fledgling baby and that's why he was unable to fly. Now, he was taking his first lesson of flying in my balcony. The flying lesson went on till evening and Barry🐦 was able to fly for couple of seconds now. His wings were still not strong enough to lift him up into the air for a complete flight.

As the night darkens, Barry's🐦 parents flew away. I opened the balcony door and once again carefully bring him inside the apartment. I put him back into the carton, however, now he 🐦 was easily able to jump out of the carton using his newly acquired flying skill. That Saturday I did nothing else than watching Barry's🐦 family show. I didn't feed him 🐦 that day as he was already fed by his mom before she left. I made a club style cucumber-tomato sandwich for my dinner that day while watched Barry🐦 exploring my apartment and jumping here and there. He was enjoying spreading his wings and taking short flights. Once again, I crashed on the couch next to Barry's🐦 carton.

Barry with his friends enjoying his meal

Chirp Chirp!!
Chirp Chirp!!

On Sunday morning, around 7:30 am, Barry🐦 became vocal again and started making Chirp sounds. This wakes me up. I looked at the carton, but this time Barry🐦 was not in the carton. He was standing next to the balcony door. I rolled up the blinds and saw Barry's🐦 parents sitting on the steel railing. This time, I was not surprised at all. I was expecting those little guests. I opened the balcony door and let Barry🐦 go out and see his parents.

Again, after the breakfast offered by Barry's🐦 mom, the flying lesson was continued by Sparrow parents. Whole day Barry's🐦 parents taught him how to fly. Now, after hours of practice, he 🐦 was able to hold for long in the air. His wings were now stronger than before and then he spread his wings and fly out of the balcony. I was so surprised that he learnt so quickly to fly in just 2 days. His mom followed him, while dad sitting on the railing. Barry🐦 and his mom took two flight rounds in the air and then they came back with the perfect landing. I was sitting on my couch watching this all.

I was little nervous at that time, as I knew what's coming next. It's always hard for me to say good bye and especially to someone with whom I feel attached. Barry🐦 for once looked inside the apartment. That moment I felt that he was able to see me from behind the screen door and looking right into my eyes. He said Chirp Chirp!! and then he along with his parents flew away. I came close to the door and in a hope that they will come back again however in my heart I knew it was a GOODBYE!

For next few days, I made myself busy with office work and in packing my bags for my upcoming India trip. Finally, I left for India and stayed there for a month. I visited my parents, friends and totally forgot about Barry🐦. I was feeling so refreshed after this much-needed trip. Again routine office life started and life was going on until one Saturday morning!

8 am Saturday morning, May 2017
Like any other Saturday morning, I was sitting in my balcony and having my morning green tea. It was all quiet and I was checking my Facebook. I noticed that there were few house sparrows flying around. It's nothing unusual. After some time they all settled on a tree in front of my balcony. Then, one small sparrow flew right into my balcony and landed on the steel railing. He stayed there for some time and kept Chirping Chirp! Chirp!! There after, he stepped down on my coffee table and I noticed that he was not afraid of me at all. He looked at me and was hopping here and there while singing Chirp! Chirp!!.

I was not expecting that, but yes, that was Barry🐦, my little friend who came back to visit me. This brings tears of joy to my eyes. After a while, his parents also joined us and they all started hopping all around. I enjoyed this surprised, but, I didn't want to attach my emotions with Barry🐦 this time again . So, I finished my tea and went back to my apartment to continue my routine weekend life.

Chirp Chirp!!
Chirp Chirp!!
Chirp Chirp!! (Lots of Noise)

I was in the kitchen preparing my lunch when I noticed lots of noise out there in my balcony. I went outside, only to notice that now there were 8-10 sparrows hopping here and there. I couldn't explain how to express that feeling. I was just blushing. Barry🐦 brought his whole clan with him to introduce me.

It's almost 2 months now, every day Barry🐦 and his friends visit me. Now, I started putting some bird food for them . On weekdays I'm on the run so hardly get time for them but still, Barry🐦 knows my office timings so well that he visit me before I leave for office and on weekends (mostly on Saturdays) we all spend long hours together. Also, from a couple of weeks, I noticed few other bird species. With this experience, I can only say that now I have couple of new friends living next door.

This is a bonus video showing Barry🐦, his family and friends in action!

My friends, I hope that you will enjoy this incidence.

At the end, I have few fun questions for you to check your memory retention rate. If you like to participate into this fun challenge then please answer in comment section below:

  1. When I rescued the baby bird, where I put him?
  2. Rescued baby bird belongs to which bird species?
  3. What name I gave to the baby bird?
  4. Where I went for vacation?
  5. What surprise was waiting for me after I came back home from my vacation?
  6. Total number of times "Barry"🐦 name repeats?

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I enjoyed reading your story! When you are able to help something wild return to nature, that gives you a sense of accomplishment!

@violetmed - I'm glad that you like the story.
Stay tuned for more.

For more details on the contest click here!

Wow this is one long detailed post! Really awesomely done. Keep up this quality. It will oy attract more quality readers.

What camera are you using?

@enazwahsdarb - Thank you so much! Words of encouragement are always required. please resteem the post if you like it! I'll appreciate the efforts.

I don't ever really rested, so it's nothing personal, just not the way I do things. I did, however, leave you an upvote :)

Always remember, to be able to get the things that you want, you news to give others what they want first. I'm saying this to help you in the future.

I was just generous enough to support your stuff, but not too many people are like this. For most people, you need to prove to them why your content is even worth their time to look at. In order to do this, you need to support their content first :)

Always give in order to receive. If you caught the message :)

@enazwahsdarb - Thank you so much and I'll remember these kind words. I agree with you. We need to provide to the community. I got your message :-p. I'll follow you. 😊

Awesome stuff :) Let's keep moving forward. Work hard!

@enazwahsdarb - Thanks! Hard work always pays off.

@enazwahsdarb - I use Nikon D3200 with differences lens.

Awesome camera! I can see you enjoy photography. You like to take bokeh shots?

@enazwahsdarb - Indeed, I love photography and enjoy both in front or back of camera. I enjoy taking Bokeh shots. Can't resist the quality which it brings to the focused subject.

Welcome @cryptoqu33n aboard the steemit express. This is a great platform to express yourself just like any other social media outlet except this one pays its users for interacting with each other. Post good content and your rewards can be limitless but always stay true to yourself.


@slickhustler007 - Thank you so much! Words of wisdom are always required.

Interesting story. When I was a kid I used to rescue all kinds of things--robins, seagulls, mice, frogs--though not with this kind of succcess. Steem on!

🦄 @chasewalters - Well, that's good to know, however, I can bet that few of those animals 🐢 🦉🙊, might be rescued without the need. 😄😂 Just Pulling your leg 👻. Well, that was the age, when we were so innocent and full of gratitude.

Stay Connected

Welcome to Steemit ! have fun with it. Followed. Follow me back 😘

@kassie-vegas - Welcome to Steemit. I hope you will enjoy your stay here. I'll keep an eye on your posted articles and read them to upvote you for quality content.

Stay Tuned!

  1. You put it in a carton that was from your lunch
  2. I do not know, I will investigate
  3. Barry
  4. India
  5. The return of Barry with more little birds
  6. 41 times

The story is beautiful, what a good heart to rescue it, and how good your parents found it! It is beautiful to do something that in the end one enjoys seeing the fruit of what one did. greetings and blessings!!!

@marianneaviva - Thanks for the beautiful comment and answering most of the questions.

one update: Yesterday I counted them all and now there are more than 20-25 sparrows who visit my balcony on daily basis. It's always great to watch them.

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