A weekend of STORIES ADVENTURES & MUSIC || MEMENTO STYLE || part 1 of 3

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...One hour enjoying and dancing to (well, more like wobbling) Function's set, we decided to search for our Berlin based Dutch friends who were spamming us on SMS, WhatsApp and Telegram earlier in the day while we were resting. Panoramabar floor they where. Much less good sound system, more tech-house then techno, serving quality Bloody Mary. The first time I had the chance to hear "Honey Dijon". One of the better sets I ever heard at the Panoramabar to be honest. We had great fun!

image: lineup Berghain/Panoramabar Easter weekend (Sunday/Tuesday)

Two Bloody Mary's down, it was counting time. Nooo, not the numbers of drinks, but counting the time we had to leave for a good night sleep so we were able to drive all the way back home on Monday evening. Tuesday morning my alarm clock will wake me at 7-ish and needed to be completely fresh again, as if nothing happened during Easter weekend.

  • At home: 21:00
  • Travel time: 7 hours
  • Leave Berlin: 14:00
  • Sleep time and get ready: 8 + 2 hours
  • At our friends home in Berlin: 4:00
  • Leave Berghain: 3:45

"REALLY?" we asked each other and ourselves?

"Only 5 hours in Berghain? Is this for real?"

We never ever stayed that short, but what could we do? It felt like we queued in front of the door as long as we would be in Berghain. But reality is reality!

Quickly we arranged another round of Bloody Mary and headed to the Berghain floor to get the last tunes of Function into our ears and to hear Efdemin for a little while. Personally, I've seen this name many times on lineups, but I never heard him play. "He is Good", is what I heard several times from the mouths of those I trust their taste in music. Because of that, I had high expectations and I was pleased when he started with some super cool, none-Berghain like, atmospheric, almost experimental tracks leading into a harder techno sound after about 15 to 20 minutes.

Here and there goosebumps: Check! Happiness: Check!

And then: DING DONG! 4AM!

We had to act like grownups, like mature and sensible people, so we left! Totally not ready to do so, but yeh, what can we do? We never ever managed to stop time, so it would be waste of energy and time to try and do so now.

Not satisfied at all, we made it to our beds around 5-ish; Got a decent amount of sleep (I think it was like 6 hours for me); Got some good hour or two hanging out with our friend who gives us shelter every time we are in Berlin; Before we grabbed all our stuff and started our journey home.

Seven hours of driving: smartphones and mega data subscriptions in the pocket > Time for some music discovering.

Yes, we wanted to hear more of Efdemin. Yes, we wanted to hear more of Honey Dijon. Owwww, yes we wanted to hear a bit more of Function!

And then my best friend told me about a discovery she made last summer while she was driving to her home from some party on Ibiza. In the middle of the night: John Ov3rblast on the radio. Driving the small mountain-ish roads on this magical island "it sounded kinda spooky", she was telling me. But no matter that experience, she liked very much what she heard.

Join us in listening some of his music! Below the play button, kinda ambient album this guy produced about 2 years ago. But don't be fooled; This guy does techno as well!

Artist: John Ov3rblast
Album: The Unfoldment
Year: 2016
Country: United Kingdom

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eter dýpi

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you never disappoint!!!!

Thanks! :)

way cool to find you, i've been here for a few days and i've felt like nobody understood techno music or, at least, i don't see them writting awesomeness like you <3 btw i love DVS1 !!!

Thanks for your kind words. I'm super into Techno, as into other music genres :) DVS1 I kinda think is ok, a little to straight for me. I like unpredictability in music and sets, I like 'difficult' :) At Steemit not so many people write about music, most of what we have here is posting own creations to 3rd party creations but not really adding some personal touch to it. A shame, since I think bringing in the personal stories and experiences around music, makes a community.

This made me feel 20 again!. So much pressure!. Can't wait for part 2.



Hahahaha, it did to me as well :)


Don't forget about Fiedel! He's also very good to dance to! 😉