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You can create your own things without money too. ;) I do it very often. I've been poor my entire life. I simply learned to do things different.

I've known some very rich people, who didn't share their wealth with me.

I've observed them say "I'm broke" because they were having trouble making one of their car payments that month.

I realized to that person they THOUGHT THEY WERE.

Yet that year my family and I (wife, and 4 kids) survived on $19,000 for all of us.

In my opinion he truly had no idea what BROKE really meant.

Yet I realized recently that we can ALL think we are broke, or poor regardless of how much money we have.

It is all in how we perceive reality. If we have not experienced what a beggar on the streets eating scraps from garbage has experienced then that doesn't mean we won't have our own idea of what broke means.

These are all defining societies with money as a tool. Yet we exist whether money exists or not.

The problem with money is that it becomes the easy path. We think with it our problems are solved. We think with it that it opens all paths.

It does not. There are paths that those with a lot of money never see. They don't even know they exist.

They don't know how to entertain themselves and their family without money for example. I on the other hand am very well versed in entertainment without money.

So it is about perspective. Yet there is a lot more to it than money. Thinking about it just in terms of money can blind you to the other parts of freedom.


You are very wise. And I agree with many things, but this argument did not change my convinction that money means freedom but it did indeed alter it.

I will have to work for low money for others without money. And if you want to live off-grid then good luck building your own ax to build your cabin.

Good luck hunting animals without tools & knowledge which costs money.

Freedom is deciding, freedom is to live like you want. And as I see it you don't have much of a choice nor the ability to live like you want without money.

So we are discussing our ideas of freedom.

But what is really the definition of freedom? Let's look on Wiki.

  1. the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants. "we do have some freedom of choice"

  2. the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.

To definition 1: You won't be able to say or act like you want without money living in a society. And if you want to live off-grid you need money too.

To definition 2: Without money you will not be ablee to defend yourself and the state will give you a lawyer (bad for you) or the police will emprison you (also bad for you). Money will give you the option to flee, fight or get the best lawyer, it will also enable you to bail out of jail or to flee / fight.

You can not be free without money.


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