How Does Dwelling Make You Feel Contest

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Is traditional publishing Ded? Or maybe it’s just sleeping. In the meantime, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be publishing Dwelling on the STEEM Blockchain.

One of the most amazing things about this community is the incredible feedback you get on a creative project. With traditional distribution mechanisms, it’s often impossible to get into a conversation with your audience.

Here it’s easy.

And with that in mind, I’m launching the Dwelling Novel “How Did It Make You Feel” contest. With every chapter I publish I want to know your thoughts on the writing, the artwork, the characters, the story, the sense of place. What is it like to be immersed in the Dwelling world?

one of the fantastic illustrations by @opheliafu

The rules are simple:

  • In the replies to the next chapter, give us a sense of how it felt to read the chapter. What emotions did it bring up. What insights into your own dwelling and life did it bring about? What did you find compelling, uncomfortable, moving? What character did you empathize with and why? Did it bring any of your own memories or experiences to mind? You can even put yourself in the mind of one of the characters and let us know how you think they feel.

  • Tag the reply with #feeling-Dwelling

  • And be sure to Upvote and Resteem the Chapter.

  • The best response will be rewarded with 3 SBD.

That’s it!

Cant wait to get into the discussion with you!

If you missed the first chapter of Dwelling the Novel, you can check it out HERE.

Keep your eyes peeled for the second chapter of Dwelling.

Yours in the Chain,

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I read the first chapter of "Dwelling" and I am delighted. You tried very hard to create such a pleasant atmosphere. Intersno how the plot will develop further. Very believable. You feel that you have invested your time and energy (10 years is a good figure, a good story as a good wine, it becomes more interesting and "tastier" with years).
I will definitely take part in the contest. It's doubly nice. Enjoy reading and get a prize.
Thank you


It such a great work Doug, i mean i have passion for writing but my creativity is nothing compared to what i have read in the 1st Chapter. Back in 2008 i nearly sold a Fantasy Adventure i wrote to Disney World; titled "Phil Little" but the deal didn't go through because i am in Nigeria and it has to be done in the US. I am eager to take part in the contest dear @dougkarr

@oluwoleolaide for @steem-lagos


So sorry to head about the "Phil Little" deal going through! Such a bummer when these things fall apart. And that's a particularly unfair reason related to centralized gatekeepers. But don't lose heart! The decentralized creative revolution is just getting started! With a chain of us together, we're stronger.

that's good but i didn't understand what does mean Dwelling on STEEM ?


Thanks @sanach, you can check out the first chapter of Dwelling here:


ok thankyou, I check it now
can I add u on discord? @dougkar



A great idea and this competition will give many an opportunity to show their talent! By the way, an excellent photo of the Steemfest 2! Thank you @dougkarr

Woah, that's a really nice way to reward your readers! Kinda like interactive reading where you can earn rewards, haha. Awesome :)

Thanks for share such a great post.

Fantastic story! I found it easy to read and I was taken by suspense in the first chapter especially. Great character development and good dialogue. The art is amazing! I loved the tatoos as Stella's dress. I love the writing style. Description of the prius cab set the time frame and made me laugh a little as I have a million uber drvers and cabs where I live. Great book. I will tell my Steemer friends. Look forward to more. Great job @dougkarr and @opheliafu

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I think your creativity will take you to the sky. It's a wonderful start. The first chapter was worthy of being the first chapter. Amazing work my friend, looking forward to the second chapter. Good luck

good contest follow now have a nice day

Its looks like a very interesting contest, I going to read it whole chapter, to visit your blog 😊
followed u