Blood is not thicker than water !!

in story •  2 years ago

 My son gave me two pair of clothes and a loaf of bread  

Then threw me out of his home  

I fed that bread to a stray dog and went to a retirement home 

I kept thinking for three days “will my son miss me?“ 

“Will he come to take me home?”

 “Will he be able to convince my daughter in law to allow me to live at his home?” 

The fourth day somebody told me that someone had come to meet me. 

 I climbed down the stairs happily with joy  

Stumbling and falling, I reached guest room 

 I saw there: 

 With gratefulness in his eyes, that dog was standing there, wagging his tail.

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Such a lovely short story, thank you!


thanks alot i am following you already can you follow me too to have look on my stories i keep writing these stories


sure, I will follow :)


thanks alot :) you really are best member of steemit society

Nice post brother. Upvote

Hahahaha! Funny at the same time disheartening. I have made a post referring to taking care of the old because one day we will become old too.


yeah we should think like that


please upvote

Aww that brought a tear to my eye! Moral of the story, better to get a dog than have a son like that haha!

this is cute

Men could be cruel!

Heart-wrenching :(

hey that dog is so awesome!


good effort nice post