The Shifter.

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I know this isn't my thing, but this is what happened. I invite you to read my story and click play on the next video. I also recommend you to wear headphones.


Friday 9 August 2019. Words were not enough to describe the routine. In the atmosphere, there was a strange vibration that was merely a prelude to the breaking point where everything would be transformed.

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It was night, and many people walked or talked around me. The sky was clear, and a beautiful full moon illuminated every corner, even where the light of decorative lanterns could not reach. The breeze was light so I decided to walk, I already knew where I was. From there I could see the stairs, the end of the street and the wall of a school. There were many unknown and smiling faces walking in front of me, but I was looking for someone in particular but I don't remember who she/he was.

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A little girl, her mother and a sad woman appear at the scene. I think I know them, I thought, and I immediately remember a dream and some past event. Let's start talking about the event because, in this one, the sad and embarrassed woman was the main character. She was taking slow, insecure steps in front of me, her eyes were sad but I couldn't forget what had happened.

Damn it! You ruined my life. - I told her.

She kept walking without looking up and I clenched my teeth to say nothing more.

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I immediately felt a hand on my shoulder, and it was Emru, the girl's mother. I took a breath, turned around and thought it was the right time to tell her about the dream I had the night before because even though it wasn't relevant it was a little bit rare.

Emru, yesterday I dreamt we were here and, Lena was wearing that same dress. I don't know if it's a déjà vu, but I was really surprised to see you here. - I told her.

She didn't give it much importance, she smiled as always, and we continued talking about anything else.

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A few minutes passed between laughs, people walking and some glances at the moon when I could see at the end of the street a red car approaching. As it approached, it was easier to see how small it was, with the windows up he or she stopped the car almost diagonally to me. People moved away, and we instantly stopped talking. The car looked like one of those toy cars with an engine made for the children to play in the parks. The pilot's door opened, and someone got out, it was a small masked clown holding a revolver in his right hand.

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Those who were near to him ran scared to hide. I don't know why I just stayed there. We didn't understand what was happening, and we could even see how he moved his head looking for someone until his look stopped in us and at that moment I decided to run.

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We managed to jump over the wall and protect ourselves on the other side. Then the first shots were heard. Several holes were made in the bricks of the wall and we still didn't know who he was looking for. Now the silence interrupted the night, I tried to look through one of the small holes and there he was, staring at the wall almost as if he knew I was looking at him. In this instance, I must confess that I was not afraid of him, despite his gun.

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I decided to go out and let him see me because I needed to know if it was me he was looking for. Emru tried to stop me in vain. And when I confirmed it, I escaped from there as fast as I could, while he was trying to reach me. I arrived at a house where my uncle and other people were waiting for me. They knew what had happened and were willing to protect me and help me. As we walked inside the house, I passed in front of a mirror and noticed something strange, so surprised I came back to see what had happened. I had stopped physically being me, everything looked different, my hair was not dark brown nor my skin was the same, even my hands had a different aesthetic.

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You're a witch, you're a heretic and you must hide. -They told me.

But beyond the surprise, I felt comfortable. Everything looked different but I felt the same, at least for me. In this dream, I had learned to change shape, as easy as changing clothes. This and other skills I had "learned" in previous dreams were the reason I was being persecuted.

Footsteps on the roof.

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This was just a dream. I don't have them often, but they happen since I was a little girl, they all have characteristics in common, especially about time and circumstances; however, this is the first one in which I see familiar faces. It is also the first time that I don't feel fear during the experience. It's also the first time that I had a dream inside another dream and I am "conscious" about the process of the acquisition of a new "ability".

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Thank you very much for reading me so far. Spanish version available in here.

Lots of love,


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