My Thoughts/Descriptive about Xpilar Digital Art Designs

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Dear Steemians,

What an incredible design art from you Snr. @xpilar below are my thoughts about this art designs.

The journey of no return.

There is a certain village sometimes ago they were planning to enthrone new Oba (King) on their village, there were many many contestant for this position of king, but according to traditional whenever a need for new king to be enthrone; leaders from the community will consult Ifa (Oracle: Traditional) to choose the right candidate for them, when leader's arrived home from Ifa priests, they choose the one among the contestants to be the new king, this king reign for just a year and died.

From the traditional rules of this community; if king dead early while on throne, the next contestants will journey to the forest called "Igbo Ori" this forest is kinda related to traditional rites, those contestant has to look for staff and crown in this Igbo Ori, immediately king die at early age on the throne , king staff and crown will be disappear from king palace to this tradition forest "Igbo Ori" all the contestants ready for the challenges, there was a certain young man among the contestants many people were mocking him; alot of discouragement there and there but this boy didn't moved.

Journey commence; everyone was on his own fighting for the glory! They were supposed to cooperate but because of selfish reasons they all went separate ways while in the forest, this boy called their attention they supposed to be in one accord (Unity) but many of them didn't reasons with him; few days later many were not able to continue their journey, some dead already, but this small guy didn't tired of looking, alot of challenge with evil encounter spirit but because this small harken to the instructions given to them! The time of trial come three of the contestants that were alive struggling alot but two were able to overcome the trial.

Those two are the lucky one, one pick king staff in the powerful house in this terrestrial forest and this young guy picked the crown, while they are on the way back home, this young boy agree that the older contestants to become king but this older won't believe him he thought maybe this small guy was planning to kill him so he could become king! This older man planned to kill this young guy so he could stand with no contestant, he pretends as if he wants to toilet in the forest, he got the big tree and smarch it on this young guy from behind! This guy fainted but this older evil man thought he died; I picked up the two King power right (staff and crown) he went home, on the coronationfor him to become official kind!

This young guy came in the village while the ceremony's ongoing when this evil older man saw him at a distance coming he fainted on the king throne, everyone was confused but this boy shield light to everything that happened in the terrestrial forest, everyone was shouting haa haa calling the older man evil; eventually this young man emerged as the king of this village, during his reign this village turn to town , uncountable improvement and opportunities for people in his town! Behind every faithfully, commitment and dedication everything is possible!

You need to see some of the great work by @xpilar, by checking out some of his digital art designs, consider visit his page/blog @xpilar

Thanks for stopping by on my post.


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Logos gifted by @xpilar

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