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This has been the most beautiful post that I have seen you write to date. The questions that you are asking are very important ones. In spite of what many people say, there is no box. To believe that there is one is foolishness. If I would craft a definition of global exorcism, it would be the removal of the spark of the individual mind leaving an empty husk for the hive mind to infiltrate. Resteemed.


Also thanks for the compliment. This post meant something to me. It was one of those moments that felt magical to me as I was writing it. I wanted to breathe it life while I still had a hold of its proverbial tail as it sought to run away into the corners of my mind.

Heh. I thought of Global Exorcism as removing the hive mind out of people so we have a world full of individuals. I was viewing the group think and hive mind as like an invading demonic force when I thought of Global Exorcism. So global exorcism to me was a thought about expelling the hive and group think from people world wide and freeing them to be individuals and glorying in the things individuals can come up with.

I can see that through your definition as well. It would indeed be wonderful to get rid of the hive mind entirely.

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