I was turning around slowly and then I saw the monster

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I was turning around slowly and then I saw the monster," said Echota. "The animal had a big body to it and looked like a bear from outside."

It ran like a bear, ran towards the house and then the people. Echota's husband and his brother were home at the time. The family watched the creature come down the road and then it disappeared into a wood.

After seeing the creature, the family went to their backyard shed and the animal was running right towards the barn. They called Echota to check the barn.

"We had to jump out of the way because we saw the thing coming towards the barn," explained Echota. "I got out of the car and I went into the house and shut the door."

The people had to leave the barn because the animal was very aggressive. They also watched the animal and then it ran off with the people inside. The family called Echota again and he took his cameras out and went back to check on the barn. He had another sighting this week on the road up to Highway 25.

Story produced by BM November 2019.

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