I am happy when I work in my laboratory.

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I am happy when I work in my laboratory.
I am rolling on the floor laughing when I see the monsters I produce. I feel exhilarated when my colleagues laugh and watch from the floor while I get into a good mood as I make them laugh.
I am happy in the laboratory as I watch my students, colleagues, and even the laboratory staff laugh while they all help with my experiments!
I really cannot imagine life without lab friends! I am enjoying myself in my lab every step of the way!
I am glad that I can share science with so many colleagues and friends!
I am thankful for every scientific discovery and invention that's the product of my lab friends' work.
I am truly grateful for my colleagues in the laboratory! They helped me by making my life more fruitful. When they need to help out, they do. They make me look good and keep me going! I am grateful for the kindness that's shown in the laboratory. I know that the lab friends' efforts are the reason that I have all the time that I want!

Content produced by BM in November 2019.


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