The lady in the dream

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April 20, 2008, was a normal day for Mirianny Rosal, an 8-year-old girl, who was on her way to school on a regular basis. In this one there was a little story told among the students of that institution. In which he owned a large piece of land that looked like a garden, but the children called it the small forest of the school. There, stories were told about the place being home to goblins, witches, ghosts, dead people, until it was an ancient cemetery that had been closed to build the school. Of course, they were just little fables to keep the children away from the place, but there was one in particular that marked the story. The story of (Sarita Sarita).

Mirianny and her classmates planned to go and play in the forest of the institution, some didn't want to because of the fables that were told there, but others accepted. In this was Jampier, an 8 year old boy who didn't have much dealings with the other children since he was new to the place, invited the others to play a game, Sarita Sarita, Mirianny curious to know how it was, he asked her how it was, he told her there was nothing to worry about since it is a simple game of chance as a game of games, this happened to have a couple of coins and a host. They went into the forest and played the game among the weeds.

All together in a circle. And the kid Jampier started the game, Sarita, are you there? Jampier asked, the other children looking at each other seemed confused with what he was doing, picked up a coin and tossed it in the air, and fell face down, Jampier nodded his head and said, "Thank you Sarita for meeting us, Mirianny out of curiosity asked him when the game itself starts? To which the boy Jampier responds We're already playing! Those coins are the game, if they fall heads it means yes, if they fall tails it means no! Now it's your turn, you just have to throw the coins and ask! Which Mirianny obeyed! Sarita, Sarita! Can I come in? And he threw the coins, to which he fell face to face, Jampier expressed a few words, Well you're in! So the other kids did the same thing, and they all got expensive.

Jampier noticed that it was getting late, so he told the others that we should close the game, so they all took out their coins and threw. Sarita Sarita, can I go out? To which he fell face again, Jampier approached Mirianny and told her to come and touch you, just ask if you can get out, what Mirianny did, but he fell tails. Jampier looked worried so he said, try again. But Mirianny seemed absurd to him, so he left. He went out to wait for his mother, and got in the car.

The night of the same day falls and Mirianny goes to her room, it is late so she has to go to bed to go to class the next day. So among her fantasies, the girl dreamt of a young woman, approximately 27 years old, who ate her neck little by little. She was still, serene in bed, couldn't speak or moan in pain, something was holding her vocal cords, the girl watched the woman's grim scene devouring her in bits and pieces. Until one move got her out of there. It was her mother waking her up to go to class, Mirianny told her what she had dreamt of to her mother, she told her not to worry, that it was a nightmare, but she wondered why her neck hurt.

She went to class and looked forward to seeing Jampier and telling him what had happened, but this was not the day.

Worried she returned home, did what she usually does, and went to bed again, and again, that woman appeared in her dreams but this time she wasn't eating his neck, but rather she was snatching flesh from his arms and sucking her fingers like a sweet cake. Mirianny wanted to scream but that same feeling of suffocation didn't leave her again.

He woke up from the dream, went to tell his mother what had happened, told her that he had dreamt about the woman again. Her mother stresses again that it was just a nightmare, that she didn't worry that I was going to sleep, she didn't want to, so she went and locked herself in the basement.

After some discussion, her mother managed to calm her down. Mirianny decided to get out of there, her mother tells her that so she won't be afraid to come and sleep with her in the room. Mirianny goes to her mother, sees her mother getting the bed ready and goes to sleep with her.

He dreams again of the woman who is eating him with pinches, but this time it's her legs, she wants to scream, but she arms herself with courage, and overlooks it because she knew it was a dream when she was in the dream.
And he woke up, opened his eyes and watched his mother sleep next to her, got up from the bed, with the movement wakes her up and asks her, "Where are you going? To which she replies. I'll just go get some water!
She goes to the kitchen, and as she walks down the hall she feels a strange presence, arrives at the door of her room, watches her mother sleep peacefully as she passes by, something grabs her by her arms, covers her mouth and eyes, couldn't scream, is dragged into the basement, something was carrying her with force, and released her. She was screaming, I WANT TO GO WITH MY MOM!, when she opened her eyes it was her mother. All bloody and in a low voice he said to her. That wasn't me! That wasn't me!

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