Angus McKay, The White Rock Busker, Sings Songs and Teaches Lesson

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Gary's paintings
Gary works in the art gallery beside the Pelican Cafe and his paintings are for sale in the cafe.

After I had a scan done at the hospital in White Rock, I stopped at The Pelican Rouge Cafe for a coconut milk chai, as a busker was setting up outside the door. The busker was weathered from playing outside a lot, and he was fluid.

I took $5 out of my purse to put in his guitar case later. I love buskers, because their music is authentic. They play the songs they like or the songs they know how to play. Cash from passersby helps them buy guitar strings and picks, and a coffee, encourages them to keep lifting everybody’s mood with their live music.

Energy transfers automatically between people, especially when they are doing their art. The busker asked me my name from outside the door of the coffee shop and I looked up from my book, and said “Ann”. He said he had a song that was called ‘Put Your Name Here’. He put my name in it and I filmed it.

Please turn your head 180 degrees if you want to watch it. Sorry!!

Then if you turn your head back straight you can see him give me a guitar lesson on Never Goin’ Back Again by Fleetwood Mac. I nearly broke the poor guy’s heart when I told him I saw them live in Vancouver for The Rumors tour when I was 15. He deflated and said how much he loved Christine McVie singing Songbird, and then started playing “I Don’t Wanna Know”, a great song by Lindsay Buckingham.

Then he started giving me a lesson on how to play Lindsay’s Never Goin Back Again. You can keep your head upright for this one:

He was a funny guy too. I told him he sounded like James Taylor and he said:
“He was my dad but I have more hair than him.”

Guitar Lessons and Life Lessons

The fellow beside him borrowed his guitar and played a song on it too. Then he got up and said he was trying to turn over a new leaf and live life with an open heart so he was going to give Angus a hug.

Angus said: “Oh no, you’re not!” “I only hug my girlfriend.”

I asked Angus why people fear hugs so much, as I feel that they would prefer that I said I was going to hit them than hug them.

He said “because violence is as good as sex.”

Angus wisdom.


But he said if I like giving people hugs, there is a national hug day celebration in Langley each year where a crowd of people gather so they can get hugs. He said it’s only a friendly thing and nothing more.

Like an energy transfer.


Gary's original painting in White Rock

Modified from my original post on

photos and videos are my own


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