Soul in salvation

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Then I will present a story of reflection, this goes with the purpose of understanding what is capable of faith in God and how you can change your life for good, it is a girl who tells me her sad past full of sadness and suffering that lived in his worldly life, I hope you like it. And forgive my English.


A small teenager when she was only 14 years old had to escape from her home because it was a hell to live there, after the death of her father, her mother threw herself into abandonment, she did nothing but drink and drink. After one year his mother met a man, which was the bane of his life. Her mother formalized a relationship with that man and they began to live together in her home, at some point the teenager thought that her mother would change and stop drinking so much as she would have found another love, but it did not, the situation began to get worse in his home and became a hell since his stepfather ended up being a drug addict, alcoholic and more, and his beloved mother also ended up in that world. His mother defended that man with a coat and a sword, that evil and violent man sexually abuse the little girl twice, the girl told her mother what happened, the mother what gave him the answer was punches and insults, she He said that that man would not be capable of that never and never again say that about him. Since then the girl decided to flee from that house because she felt humiliated, and mistreated by the damage her stepfather had caused her. The little girl with only 14 years old decided to escape from her home without any direction, the poor creature tube two days passing calamity in the street. Until one night he met a very nice girl who earned his living as a prostitute, he had no other choice to ask for help from that beautiful girl, and the girl who offered him was to work with her, the young woman as she had no alternative , she began to sell her body to be able to survive since she had promised not to return to that home that ended with her dreams and dreams as a child. As time passed and she was 25 years old, she began to ask God to take her out of that life she had lived and she never lost hope that God would listen to her, a normal night she went to work and was placed at a traffic light to wait a client. Suddenly a gentleman approaches him and says these words: "Believe in Jesus" have faith that he will save you and take you out of that bad life you lead, she is speechless, and an intense chill invades her body, so strong is the sensation that ends up fainting, immediately the person who approaches her seeks help and takes her to the hospital, when she wakes up she looks at her side that person is there who told her those beautiful words that night, she tells him to help her , who has often wanted to leave that life, the man says quiet daughter I am a pastor of the Christian church and I will help you because I know that Jesus was the one who put me in your way. I offer you a decent job, one in which you have to take care of some orphaned children that we have in the church, you will not have a life full of luxuries but I guarantee tranquility in your heart, with much emotion she accepts the proposal, when passing days his life is filled with much peace and joy. One day she is taking care of the children of the church where she worked and they bring her the newspaper, and she begins to observe it and sees an ad that says "couple dies at home because of cocaine overdose" when she sees the picture well it was her mother and of his stepfather.


Life is the reflection of the actions of each human being, and I can say that when we say "I believe in God" let us reconsider and take into account that such a beautiful belief will lead us to the right path, to lose the fear is to overcome any obstacle that may arise and faith is the only thing that should never be lost.
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