His Voice

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My heart kept racing; it hasn't ever been this way. I know something isn't just right. I was so scared, really terrified. A lot was going through my head. Will I make it at all? Would I ever survive this?Scared-Face.jpg
I kept thinking about my family members, my mum and her beautiful smile, my dad and his awesomeness, my twin, my better half. Will I not see them again? I sure need to get through this, this phase just has to come to an end. I must give it my all, I can't just die like this. And if I will, I would have given it my all to survive.159977-164378.jpgJust when I thought I was getting through with this, the footsteps kept drawing closer! I could just hear it clearly this time. Was I just going to die like this? I wanted to scream, but the terror was holding back my voice...hqdefault.jpg
Suddenly! The sound was no more. Thankfully, it had stopped. I heaved a sigh of relief. However, I still needed to do something about it. I needed to get an escape route because sitting here wasn't going to amount to something. Trying to find a way out, I realised I didn't even know where I was!
How on earth did I get here? What was I doing here? Where was I? So many unanswered questions kept racing through my head. I was confused, I tried to remember what had happened before but nothing seemed to come.riLo5yr8T.jpg "I am lost here forever" I said to myself. Just in that moment, an insane courage triggered the strength in me when I saw a door opened. I ran, I kept running but I didn't seem to know where I was going. I just kept running anyway.
"If running was going to save me, I better keep running" I kept saying that to myself. I had to stay alive for myself and my loved ones. I was panting, I was sweating, there were endless roads. Running-scared-girl.jpg
At a point, it seemed I was approaching an escape route, smiles all over my face, "yes! Yes, I have found a way out of the maze". Suddenly, I heard my dad's voice from a distance, calling for me. Gradually, His Voice became clearer and clearer. Alas! It was just dream.ob_b69f9f_2yv2smh.jpg

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