Kindness is not weakness

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There lived two friend peter and john, john is a rich kid, while peter is a poor kid.

They both attends one of the best school in town, covenant high.

Peter got into covenant high through scholarship, peter and john met at the freshman inauguration they quickly became good friend, it was more like love at first sight.

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They stay in the same hostel.
It was examination time when peter discovered that john normally cheats to pass, peter tried to warn him, john knowing well that the invigilator had caught him he tossed the piece of paper he had with him towards peter, when the invigilator could not find anything incriminating with john he moved towards peter and caught him with the piece of paper,

he was not given a chance to explain before he was asked to move out of the hall.
That means automatic failure

When they got to the hostel they both had a long argument but still settled between themselves.
Peter never hated john for what he did, but john was not feeling good with himself, so he went to peter's house to narrate the evil has did while on session, to peter's mom.

She told john a story of a father and son who went to a stream to fish, the boy saw a scorpion drowning he decided help the scorpion out by bringing it out of the water but each time he tried the scorpion stings him.

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Finally the boy gave up and asked his father, he said:

Father why does this scorpion hurt me each time i tried to help it out from the water?

The father laughed and told his son, you see my son some animal are created and configured in some ways, no matter what you do, they can't change their nature

The scorpion is meant to always sting0
After the story john thanked peter's mom and went back to hug and apologise to peter.
Moral of the story:

Not everyone expect something in return when they help you. They are just created like that, so never mistake kindness for weakness.

word count = 297


Besides a few grammar/punctuation errors, which i suggest you pay attention to in the future, as such can make understanding even the finest writing difficult.

But overall, the story has a good moral.

I here suggest a few corrections, in parenthesis. I hope they help.

They both attends (attend) one of the best school (s) on (in) town, (:) covenant high.

They stays (stay) in the same hostel.

the evil has done to peter's mom. (you might need to revise this to make easier to understand)

Finally the boy gave up and ask (asked) his father, he said:

I hope these corrections can help improve your story, which is by the way nice. It brings to perspective the habit of most student, until it becomes as unfortunate as it did for Peter!

Thanks for sharing

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The honor is mine. Thanks

Thanks for helping this steemian improve his English.

The honor is mine. Many individuals have shown interest in this 300 word listing, but i notice a significant number struggles with grammar. But then then that is where the commentary should come handy.

To offer suggestions for corrections.

Literary work, stories, poems, like a mirror, with many reflections, many perspectives....

I often expect that when one reads a story/poem, he/she should be able to resonate with the experience of the characters or the theme respectively.

I find those who offer alternatives, who share in the experience and discuss the characters or the theme, more engaging. It is they, i have no question, who add value to the pleasure of writing and being read.

To quote Samuel Johnson — 'A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it.'

Otherwise thanks again for the engagement you have enebled in this story-300words offer.


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Overall fam the moral lesson of this story can go a long way to help someone.

Ofcourse, if one can really read it through..

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Kindness is a strength. And yes, sometimes people will hurt you even when you try to help them. They see your act of kindness as an opportunity to take advantage. But the stronger of the two is the kinder of the two. It will all work out in the end. @ironshield