The drama of the commons

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The drama of the commons

The drama of the commons, to dance in their dreams surrounded by imagined characters and true desires, waking up in the morning, to shower, dress, perfume, to dive in the oceans of the unstopping commons, to fade in the countless numbers that speeds the traffic and speeds the wagons, to uncomfortably sit, and slowly become what they are not.

The End


**My lenguage is spanish. Im so happy to start some attempts in this beautiful lenguage. Thanks @swissclive for making this happen.


Hi @decomoescribir. I am sorry but this does not qualify as fiction.

Fiction is a story with a plot.

Hope you can have another go. Good luck!

Nice attempt,but still have some works to do as suggested by @swissclive. I'm confident that you can do it,give it another trier.