A wasted excursion

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It started with the cold winds of a dawn breaking. They moved swiftly and silently through the long shadows of the rising sun, swooping down on their final destination with fierce determination.
Upon reaching the fence one of them pulls a set of wire cutters from his backpack and begins cutting an entrance for them. A guard patrol drives by, causing the infiltrators to hit the ground fast. But once the vehicle passes the last few links are cut and the team files through. In a matter of seconds all five men are pressed against a factory wall, ready to make their way up to the roof. Once again they all have to duck down as a patrol car passes but again luck is on their side.
The first two begin to ascend the ladder while the rest stand watch at the bottom. After a few moments a whistle can be heard and the others swiftly follow suite.
Each member of the team anchor a climbing rope to the roof and prepare weapons for entry. Once ready, they jump together through the windows and rappel to the ground, opening fire on every hostile in sight.
Only one man makes it all the way down alive. Surrounded by an army of goons he drops his weapons and falls to his knees only to take a bullet just like his fallen comrades. They had failed and now the war was over for them all.