Andromeda, A novel by Joe Nobel, Synopsis for posts 45 through 68

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Andromeda, A novel by Joe Nobel, Synopsis for posts 45 through 68

Synopsis of Posts 1 – 15

Here we learn how Anna a young CIA agent on her first assignment got captured by the Soviet General Uri Konstantine in the middle of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. And, of her ensuing life as his sex slave. We also meet the General’s two other sex slaves Liudmilla and Aida.

Synopsis of Posts 16 – 30

The adventure continues as the slaves, in an attempt to enlist help from the supernatural kind, summon the god, Odin, who becomes their second tormentor and master, leaving Anna and her sister slaves no peace, day or night.

Synopsis of Posts 31 – 44

Isn't it fun being a sex slave! Adventures and misadventures as Andromeda gets pulled on one end by the dread General Konstantine, her master, and by Odin, her freaky Norse god. Until, that is, she has enough and an escape ensues.

Part 45 -- Anna gets a harsh flogging

In London, a year and a half later, freedom isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

Part 46 – Aida

Tempers flair in their small flat in London. Aida storms out.

Part 47 -- getting by

Anna goes through the motions of day to day living, but her heart is just not into being poor. She lets herself get recruited by MI6.

Part 48 -- Anna goes back

Anna is sent on a mission to bug General Konstantine's – her old – apartment in Budapests. And, meets Master's new slave.

Part 49 -- Anna's return

Master's new sex slave??? Anna transforms into a domme and teaches the new slave a harsh lesson.

Part 50 – running

Anna runs for her life. She had dallied too long at the old apartment and Master sent out his troops looking for her.

Part 51 -- The statue in Roosevelt Square

Anna, you picked a hell of a time to have an existential crisis.

Part 52 -- The Chain Bridge

Anna runs for her life, and runs into her former Master waiting for her.

Part 53 -- so ends the Third Movement

The final deed off Anna and Uri.
She had had enough. She stabs him through the heart and kills him. Uri Konstantine is dead.

Part 54 -- Forth Movement, Anna Transformed

Four years later, 1967, London, Is that Anna in a little black dress? No actually it's Audrey Hepburn, but we can pretend it's Anna. She's going out on a date.

Part 55 -- Anna hits a new low

Date nightmare. These guys are duds! At least there's a new Beatles album on the radio. It's June, 1967, the premier of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Part 56 -- Seeing Valkyries

You know your date is going horribly wrong whey you see Valkyries, the harbingers of death.

Part 57 -- the eternal orgy of the afterlife

You know what goes on in Valhalla? Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Drinking. Sex. Sex. Sex. Whipping. Sex. Sex. Sex. Girls in cages. Sex. Sex. Sex.

Part 58 – Anna served

A respite for Anna where she chooses who and how.

Part 60 -- Anna meets a time traveling cowboy

on his way to private arboretum on the Antarctic Archipelago in the future …

Part 61 -- in her element

Anna, we know what you want. You want to be a ravaged slave girl waiting in your cage to be served.

Part 62 – Anna used

A girl doesn't have to worry about condoms in Asgard, does she?

Part 63 – Odin's lesson

Even Asgard is different in the cold light of day. Odin takes Anna to see where she sent her master, Uri, when she killed him; to an eternity on frozen mud on a barren windswept steppe.

Part 64 – Anna ... and Anna

Odin takes Anna back in time to show her when she was first taken, and how she surrendered herself to the General.

Part 65 -- Anna Transformed

Odin reveals that Anna's CIA mission handler and lover was none other than the mischief-maker god Loki. He had set her up to be captured.

Image source: Dreamfairy by Carmine Worx

Part 66 -- remember that blowjob and whipping scene from early in the novel, well...

Anna is forced to relive it by watching her past self perform on her knees for her master and then receiving a severe whipping for her effort.

Image source: Dreamfairy by Carmine Worx

Part 67 -- Loki, for who he is

A battle of the gods. No one noticed.

Part 68 – Abandoned

Anna is sucked into a wormhole and becomes trapped in the same micro-universe with Loki, who couldn't be more pleased to have a plaything to torture for all eternity.

… next installment coming soon …

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    I have to say that I was continually drawn back to the painting by the synopsis for #45. Dear me, that is a fantastic piece of art. Not that the others aren't, but that one in particular drew me in.

    I was actually avoiding reading this post because I still want to take the time to read the whole story, but I'm glad I did. You did an artful job of giving a synopsis with just enough of a treat to make me want more. Good post!

    Hell yes! Thank you so much for this! I'm so excited <3 <3 <3

    Can't wait for more, Joe! You are so talented. I love how you've weaved this intricate plot and all of your plot twists :)

    When I get time Ill have read them all... Wild stuff. V nice.