Andromeda, a novel by Joe Nobel, Part 49 -- Anna's return

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This is a long read. If it's TLTR, take a break half way through. You'll be rewarded in the end with a hot sex scene. It's worth it!

Anna watched as the woman tried to pleasure herself, but being bound to the bed, and having her arms tied away from her in a sadistically ingenious way, she could not touch herself. At least not where she wanted to. No doubt, Uri had left her on the verge of orgasm. Lying all day and all night in her own frustration, his new woman was trying very hard to angle the device so it would just touch her. She arched her hips as much as the bondage across her body would allow. She strained the ropes holding her wrist, trying to get just a few centimeters closer to her pussy with the device. Even when she held the toy by the very tip of her fingers, it was just short of the mark.

Uri was clever. He’d thought this out well. No matter what this woman tried, she had no way of reaching her own pussy. Anna knew that this ordeal was not over for his new slave. When her master returned, he’d tease her for hours before letting her come. Uri never played this particular game with Anna, but often did similarly frustrating things with Aida and Liudmila. No, with her, Uri did the opposite. He was more amused by forcing orgasm upon orgasm upon her until she could take it no longer.

“Oh Uri, what is it in your sick little mind that makes you come up with these games?” Anna said to herself.

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Anna knew she must forgo his bedroom. Yet a bug there would have been a coup; MI6 would have learned a lot from those bedroom conversations. They would have been able to listen in on his most intimate thoughts as he made casual talk with his slave; learn when he was second-guessing himself, when he was in a position of strength, and when he was bluffing. Anna remembered that kind of pillow talk all too well. Uri told her so much when she wasn’t able to do anything with the information. And now the opportunity slipped away yet again.

There was plenty of that pillow talk in the bath, too. She remembered his long soaks in the tub as his girls gathered around, washing his back and legs while attending to his needs.
Occasionally, one would climb into the tub with him, either to ride his shaft, or to pleasure him with her mouth. She looked down the hall to the bathroom. Feelings welled up inside her again. She felt her loins flush with heat. She felt that certain telltale moisture in her panties. Was she regretting her escape?

She fantasized about getting into bed next to that woman and waiting for his return.

Anna shook the thought off, and returned to the here and now. As she crept down the hallway she was thankful that the floors were marble tiled and not the creaky wood of her parent’s old house in Watertown, Massachusetts. At least she hoped she was being silent. Once in the bathroom, she planted a bug under the rim of the cast iron bathtub. That only left the kitchen. As she turned, a sharp blow hit her nose.

Anna fell back, crashing against the tub as she tumbled to the floor. The light came on. She was suddenly blinded by the glare from the stark bulb swaying from the ceiling. Then someone was on top of her. She felt a double-fisted punch to the head. Then another. She felt herself being pounded into the floor.

It occurred to her that whoever had turned on the light was equally as blind. Then she remembered the hand-to-hand combat training that MI6 had relentlessly drilled into her. Moments later Anna was on top. As her eyes adjusted to the light, she saw she was lying atop a naked woman whose wrists were still bound by rope — the slave on the bed.

Anna looked down at the woman whose throat she was strangling. The girl had fear in her soft brown eyes. Her face was delicate with high cheek bones and full lips. Anna knew this woman from somewhere.

But where?

Anna thought back to the time Uri took her to the opera. After the performance, they had chatted with the opera star, Sofia Varga.

“I know you,” Anna said.

“And I know you too,” the girl coughed as Anna released the choke-hold around her throat. “You are the famous ‘Andromeda’ he keeps talking about.”

“He talks about me?”

“He speaks your name in his nightmares. And sometimes he calls out your name when making love. I pretend I don’t notice.” The woman propped herself up on her elbows when Anna backed away. “So, what are you doing back here, Anna?”

Anna climbed off Sofia Varga’s light frame and helped her to her feet, ever cautious of another blow to the head.

“Can I get a drink of water?” Sofia asked. “You really hurt my throat.”

“Yeah, go ahead,” Anna said. “Sorry about that, but you pack quite a punch yourself.” She checked to see if her nose was bleeding.

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Anna followed the opera star into the kitchen and watched her pour a glass of water. She drank it slowly with her wrists tied and her hands shaking. Sofia then offered a glass to Anna. Anna took a sip. They sat across from each other at the kitchen table.

“How did you meet?” Anna asked. The more she could keep the woman talking, the less chance there would be of her asking questions, such as: what are you doing here?

“We met at a reception after a concert I gave. Only very high-up party officials got to attend, mostly fat, balding men, very boring. But, there was something about General Konstantine.”

“His animal charms.”

“Yes, I suppose you could put it that way,” Sofia smiled shyly. “It was some years since I saw him last. He told me he was now living alone and asked me out to dinner. After that date, he invited me up to his place.”

“And tied you up?”

“Well, not the first time. But, that started soon after. He asked me to move in with him.”


“I told him I couldn’t. I’ve got a career, and my own place. But I told him I could stay the night whenever I’m free.”

“And that was okay with him?”

“It had to be, that was the only choice I gave him.”

“Then you’re not his slave? And, you could slip out of your bonds any time you wanted.”

“Of course I could slip out. What if I had to pee or something? You don’t think I’d allow him to tie me up for real like that for a whole day?”

“You two are just playing games. With me it was real. I was his slave.”

“Ha! You could have escaped any time you wanted to.”

“That’s enough,” Anna said, standing. “I’m going to tie you back to the bed, this time you won’t be able to slip out of your bonds so easily.”

“Hey, let go!” Sofia yelled as Anna grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to her feet.
As Anna dragged her back to the bedroom, Sofia asked, “So, Anna, what are you doing back here?”

Here it was, the question. Well Sofia, I came to bug his apartment. Anna cleared her throat. “I came back to see him. I thought he was alone. I was worried for him. But now that I see he has you, I can see I’m not needed.”

“Not needed? He calls out your name instead of mine and you tell me you're not needed!”
“I think it’s best I leave, and you not tell him I was here,” Anna said, as she threw Sofia back onto the bed and tied her wrists to the headboard. This time, she couldn’t escape.

“Wait a second! You didn’t come to see him at all. You would have knocked at the door. You were creeping around. You came to steal something. I bet you’re working for the CIA again!”

“Believe me, you’re wrong. I’m not here to steal anything, and I’m not with the CIA,” Anna said as she finished with one wrist to the headboard post the other. Okay, technically, she wasn’t lying. She bound Sophia's ankles to the foot board posts, legs splayed wide, exposing the woman in all her female glory.

“It felt like you stuck a rusty dagger into his heart when you left. Those were his words,” Sofia said.

With that, Anna had enough. Or, maybe Sophia was too close to the truth. Anna checked the drawer in the nightstand. Sure enough, there was a ball-gag among his other paraphernalia. As she rolled it around her fingers she wondered if she should use the nipple clamps also. She'd get back to those later. Right now, Anna gagged Sophia, who was not in the least agreeable to being gagged. She had to get more than rough. Okay, this is totally non-consensual. But then again, of course it's non-consensual, she's a spy on a mission, if she'd get caught she'd be shot. What was she thinking, non-consensual my ass?

"What am I going to do with you now?" Anna said stroking the woman's midriff. "Uri would just as often send his two other slaves on top of me as soon as torture me himself. I hated it at first. But the two of them did give me the wildest orgasms. Maybe because it was so wrong."

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Hubert de Lartigue (1963, French)

Anna's fingers drifted north along Sophia's smooth torso. She caressed the woman's nipples. They stood hard at attention. It was time for the nipple clamps.

Sophia's screams were muffled under the ball gag as Anna applied them slowly, first to the left nipple. Then to the right.
She flicked them, causing Sophia to squirm in the most delightful of ways.
Anna tried to wear a stern face, but she was in a perverse happy space inside her mind. Her fingers wandered south again.

And landed on the heat of her loins, just below her belly button. Sophia's body rose and fell as she breathed, heavy with anticipation, heavy with fear. She was afraid Anna would touch her. Touch her … there.

Anna did not disappoint. Her fingers caressed her captive's delicate, thin lower lips. She smiled as Sophia gasped at that first touch. Sophia was wet, hot, trembling, and receptive. Anna remembered her first interrogation by the man who would become her master. Her reaction was the same.

"He knows how to pick 'em," Anna mused. But soon her finger, her index finger penetrated Sophia's barrier. Then two fingers. Then three.

Sophia's hips rose to meet Anna's hand.

"Like that?" Anna asked quietly. She saw in her periphery as Sophia shook her head, and watched in horror as Anna pleased her. And much to Sophia's dismay, how much she liked it.
Yes, Anna thought, just like me, with him, that first time. And the second.

And the third.

Anna brought the girl to one violent climax after another. Yes, soon she had her mouth on the girl's nether place, pulling and teasing her clit with her lips. Tickling her with her tongue. Sophia bucked. The bed shook. The mattress rocked.

Then after the third, or was it the forth, sufficiently earth-shattering orgasm, Anna decided her captive had enough. She eased her arched hips back down on the bed, on the wet-spot of her own making. Anna then removed the nipple clamps. Leaving them on, for who knows how many hours, or days, would cut off the blood supply and do all sorts of damage. Anna didn't wish that upon her. She yanked them off unceremoniously.

Sophia screamed from behind the ball gag as they were pulled off in unison.

"That's enough fun for one evening," Anna said. "Tell Uri I stopped by. Sorry I missed him. Give him a big kiss for me."

Sophia shook her head in rage as she pulled against the binding posts, all to no avail.
Anna discreetly planted a tiny listening device under the nightstand drawer as she backed out of the room.

… to be continued …

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