Stolen Dtube Videos!!

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Evening guys,

I have recently come across a channel on Dailymotion that has used one of my videos from Dtube and uploaded to their own channel. This is the channel here
They have a total of 566 videos and 2.2k views. I'm not sure if they are making money off these videos as I'm not sure how the Dailymotion monetization works. I know it was taken from Dtube because of the description, I also upload to Youtube but the descriptions vary. I also noticed that a whole bunch of other Dtubers videos have been taken and uploaded to this channel, I'm assuming without permission. Now, none of these videos has the original thumbnail on as you cannot upload thumbnails on Dailymotion without partnership but you guys will be able to spot your own video. I have reported my video and told them in the report that the entire channel is copyrighted content. You can report your own stolen videos by scrolling down to the bottom of the video description and clicking 'Report'


and then clicking 'Copyright infringement'

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and then fill out your details in the Copyright and content protection form.

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I have looked and cannot find any way to report the entire channel but I did tell Dailymotion this when I reported my video. If anyone is able to find a way to report the whole channel then please let me know.

I have never encountered this before but seems someone on here is taking videos from here to make quick money over at Dailymotion. Hopefully enough reports and we can take this channel down altogether.

Please share this post so other Steemians/Dtubers can spot and hopefully report their videos.

This is the channel in question here

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

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Edit: I have just received an email from the Dailymotion team to say that they have removed my video from that channel. Very swift response from the Dailymotion team so I am reassured you guys will have no problem with getting your stolen videos removed fast!


Well at least you got a quick response and resolution from this event, but it sux that you had to have this happen in the first place. unfortunately, it seems that , for some, it is within their nature to try take advantage of others.

Very true I get a very fast and awesome response from their team. Very happy with that.
It's the thought that someone else could be making money from other people hard work. Totally unfair.

Caught this from enjar’s resteem. How terrible, but good to hear DailyMotion responded quickly. But I would hope they ban this account if they are easily proven to be a serial thief. Resteeming as well.

Thanks for the resteem, hoping it reaches a good amount of people so they can go and claim their videos.
I'm hoping enough reports will close down the channel and deter them for good, time will tell. I cannot fault Dailymotion at all. Very happy with their service.

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Shocking to find out that this is still happening after I made this 8 month old video!

Yes it is, I never seen that video but hopefully this time around enough will report and something will be done about the channel

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Edit: I have just received an email from the Dailymotion team to say that they have removed my video from that channel. Very swift response from the Dailymotion team so I am reassured you guys will have no problem with getting your stolen videos removed fast!

I hope dtube has a discord you can get in touch with them and get some people behind going after the stolen content.

Always sad to see people have there stuff stolen. At least you know it was good enough to be taken!

I've not looked into this but I will during the week when I get some time. I wonder how many others have gotten their stuff stolen.

I didn't think about sharing it to Discord Dtube, good idea. I'll go do that. Thanks.

Yeah there are 556 videos from so many different creators on Dtube on this channel. All from Dtube as far as I can tell. It's pretty bad that someone has to go and do this to make money, especially on a site like Dailymotion that isn't as well known, or not to me in the Uk anyway.

I've DM a couple that I found there video over there.

Thanks for that, I've let a few that I know off know too. Although I don't know too many but I did write up a post in the Dtube discord so hopefully word will get out.

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That took a while but the channel on dailymotion appears to be gone.

That's great to hear, everyone did a good job in reporting.

Actually just got an email from the Dailymotion team to say that my video has been removed from this channel so they were quick to respond to that.

Whoa what the hell o: there's like a ton of channels who have gotten their videos stolen, I recognize maybe coruscate and others but geez, the quantity of videos in that account is crazy. I hope everyone can get to report it, my dude

Yes I know, I have just had an email to say that my video I reported has been removed, so that only took 3hours to get removed so kudos to the Dailymotion team.
There's a huge amount of videos from a large number of creators so hopefully they can get them removed too. I have told Dailymotion that the entire channel is copyrighted but I'm not sure that my word is enough for them alone to shut down the channel. Hopefully after a fair few have reported they will shut it down.

I've used Dailymotion and I can tell you that you can monetise as soon as you open an account.

Also, when you flag a video for infringement the user receives an e-mail asking them to prove it is their video. They have to reply with details to get it restored.

They are pretty good when it comes to takedowns but I don't know how many infringements it takes to drop the account altogether. In this case it should be pretty clear to them that these are not the user's videos.

Thanks for sharing this! I have re-steemed as I think everyone who reads this needs to.

(It should probably be trending too but ho hum)

I've e-mailed them anyway. We'll see what they say about the account. Given the account name I wouldn't be surprised if they have multiple accounts.


In my e-mail to them I did clearly state:

“The user is blatant about it: even including the original URL in the description!”

Sadly the reply came back:

“In order to proceed with your request, could you please send us the URLs of the original videos?”

sigh I just‥ sigh

I guess I was hoping for too much.

Yes I think you were hoping for too much 😂😂 You should obviously go through every single video and find the original URL for all of them 😂

Thanks for resteeming 😁 I don't have a big enough voice on Steemit so the resteeming helps greatly.
Yes it is very clear that these are not their videos since their are so many from a wide number of people. I know this is hard to avoid but it still sucks.
I'm very happy with how quickly Dailymotion responded to me. Hopefully everyone rallying and reporting the videos will raise suspicion to the Dailymotion team.

Thanks for letting us know!

Any opportunity to make more money, if they can with 2.2k views (as for now). 566 videos is quite a lot of content, so it's a sure thing that content was copied and pasted as you would have to be a active content creator to create that many in a year (as DTube is just over a year old!)

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No worries :-)
It's pretty sad that someone has gone to the effort to steal videos and upload them as their own, they even removed all my social media links from the description when they uploaded so they know what they are doing.
I think I have nearly 400 videos on my Dtube channel, I have been here since Dtube was first created and have uploaded a daily video ever since :)

It is sad, but some people can be desperate either for fame or for money. Why else would you do it?

Well done you! 👍 Creating content everyday! That's a routine we would like to get into, but there is also so much else going on in life and such little time in one day. All the best with your success on Steem 😊

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Thank you for your kind words, I wish you all the success with your journey too :-D

I got myself into a routine right from the off so to not get discouraged. I suppose our content is very different so it's easier for me to record gaming videos in bulk, edit in bulk and then schedule daily. A little bit harder to bulk record travelling and vlog videos as its a day by day thing.

Have an awesome day :)

You're welcome!

Yes trying to get into a routine for other things like fitness, diet and other hobbies. Steem is taking a backseat due to other life priorities (job hunting), but check daily... Yet minimal/microblogging will have to do for now.

Travel vlogs and blogs do take time and we have a backlog of pictures/videos to post. It takes a lot of discipline. Yet, it should also be a natural process too. If it feels like a hassle then don't post, but then again, getting into a habit does help 😉

Have an awesome day too! :)

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