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RE: - We Will Finish And Release The Alpha Version

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The only thing I dislike is that, when pronounced the name tends to sound like stink. Other than that, 10/10 idea. This could really bring a lot of people to steemit but do you have a guest system?

That could be very important with bringing new people as they could leave a constructivecomment, get upvoted and motivated to make a steemit account to claim the rewards.


guest system?
What do you mean is that users can ask and answer questions without logging in?

It seems that we really need to consider changing our brand name

Yes, exactly like that. The entry barrier of not having a Steemit account might be too big for some outsiders and with allowing everyone to participate you will target a bigger audience and bring people on Steemit.


Good advice, but there is a problem, is based on STEEM blockchain platform, if there is no steemit account, there is no way to publish and comment.

But I thought of a solution. Perhaps for users without a steemit account, we can provide a shared account on the site for visitors to ask questions and answers.

This may be a temporary solution.


Could you then give each user on a shared account a personalized ID? So that if they get upvoted they will be motivated to make a Steemit account to claim the reward.

Gl with your project, I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops. Just change that name first :)

We can only provide a shared account Posting using postkey. What are your good suggestions for brand names?

AskSteem, SteemThink, DThink, DQ&A, SteemQ&A, SteemKnows

i have a domain

Yes... How IS it supposed to be pronounced? It's got my tongue wrapped around my eye teeth so I can't see what I'm saying ;)

You can do this: s + think

👍. I have nothing to add.

"when pronounced the name tends to sound like stink."n-> LOL:-)))))))

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