Dear @Stevenalexander - My Heart Is Broken

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I can't believe I'm making a post of a friend and brother from another mother @stevenalexander, to express shock instead of happiness. This is really not among my favorite kind of posts.

I still wish it was a dream and some sort of nightmare that I could easily shove aside. As many people would have noticed, I have been away for some time now due to the volunteer assignment I went for inside the rural areas of my country. I mentioned that in ANNOUNCEMENT POST .

I got back last night with joy of the wonderful experience I and others have had in assisting people in the rural areas for some weeks. Unknown to me however, such joy would be short-lived by the time I come online.

The news came first when I decided to check my mentions on I saw a mention from @thealliance group among other mentions, I opened it and saw what I never imagined not expected. The news of the death of @stevenalexander was not even among the weirdest dreams I've been having recently.

I was planning to have a Skype interview with @stevenalexander before I traveled to the rural area with no good internet. He informed me of his trip to Mexico and how we could have the interview ones he gets settled down there since he would be there for about a month.

My WhatsApp chat with Steve.

My last WhatsApp chat with him before I traveled.


To people that have had some good interactions with @stevenalexander, they will relate how much of a great guy he IS, (.I can't imagine using WAS for him) despite the challenges he battled. He loved his Music 🎶 so much and was still very hardworking in other projects. I even had a chat with him about a certain RUN2PLAY project he was part of, and how much that could affect people's lives positively when it comes to fruition.



He believed and had passion for this.


I still wish I was not making this post reminiscing on the good moments I shared with @stevenalexander because of the painful reality that such moments will only be a memory. I had planned on sharing some amazing things I experienced from my volunteer ,journey but I'm willing to sacrifice that and many other things if only @stevenalexander would come back alive with his cheerfulness.

I had made the videos below to show when we were leaving the area I traveled to as well as when we got to our destination late at night.


Click / Tap to watch.


I know how much a great and promising musician @stevenalexander is, but because my heart is broken, I will sign off this post with a song that will always remind me of great friends and family I've lost.

My thoughts are filled with lots of memories and anxiety. I wish I had some super powers now.

All the Steem earned from this post, will go to @youarehope foundation ( a global assistance organisation @stevenalexander and I believe in their project)


My signout message is:

Dear @stevenalexander (Steven Steen Alexander), I wish you could Unbreak My Heart. I will miss you.



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This is a very strong tribute. Speaking on behalf of @YouAreHOPE Foundation, thank you for your act of kindness as well.

I wish we could unbreak all the broken hearts.


Thanks so much for your presence and the good works you are doing in your global assistance project with the @YouAreHope foundation.

We can only do best we can for the living, now.

I appreciate your kind words.

Aww... My baby Joe ❤️ I feel your pain and I know the feeling. I didn't know about it untill I saw @thekitchenfairy told us in discord and I was really chocked and it's been hard to take in.
I have been looking through my messages in discord and messenger and it's unreal.
We even started doing an interview together but got to goofy that we had to do the next another time. That second time never happened and I asked him about it and got no answers. Now I know why.
I know how much he liked you and how ambitious you are. It's really hard to loose a friend and I will finnish my post to about him.
Might post it tomorrow. Big hug to you my friend and much love ❤️🤗❤️


Thanks for being awesome.

It was a big shock to me.

Thanks for your amazing supports and love

Hugs and condolences fam, I know you two palled around quite a bit :(


Thanks for always taking time to check up on every family member.

I appreciate your kind words and supports.

Never had a chance to know him..but your post make me realise what he is.... RIP. @stevenalexander

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Thanks for coming around.

Steve is a great and fun guy.


I can feel so...seeing so many the alliance and everywhere....really a great loss

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Thanks for your wishes.

I appreciate your concerns

Really beautiful Tribute @emjoe to @stevenalexander. I Followed him and he was an extraordinary human being. (I am still in shock and cannot believe it)

In the Spirit of your wonderful Tribute and in Steven's name I hereby make you a dolphin.gif


I, too, make a request that all full powered Upvotes rewarded by DSI to @emjoe 's post as well as all quality Replies here be given to I am sure Steven would highly approve.

Thanks again @emjoe for this post.


Thanks so much @robertandrew for your loving supports.

His death was a big shock to me.

@emjoe, I’m so sorry you have lost a great friend. 💔 So many wonderful things have been said about Steven, I’m sure he is smiling at you from his new existence. 🤗 💕


Thanks for your kind words.

Sorry for your loss bro, I feel terrible not knowing about him at all, being a musician/singer myself, so I went to check out his work and he was a great musician and singer with some style, that's a real tragedy.
Take care!!!


Thanks so much for your kind words @edprivat.

You don't need to feel so bad about :

Sorry for your loss bro, I feel terrible not knowing about him at all,

The Steemiverse is expanding very quick, we may not know a lot of people over time.

Thanks for coming around


It's the least I can do. Nice to meet you @emjoe


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Thanks so much

The only action that you do of making this post speak by himself about the message that Steven has to offer, i check his account and he looks like a nice guy with his goals and achieves, thinking he is doing what he loves in his journey

at least he left his print on this spot of the world, when everybody can checkit by the past of time, a lot of vibes to this man.


Thanks for making out time to go through his blog. He was really a nice heart.

We can only try and live our lives to the benefits of others.

He left a good footprints