STEMng Digest: Week 27

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Welcome to the 27th episode of the #stemng digest series where we bring to you some of the best posts under the #stemng tag in the past week.

For those that do not know yet, stemng is a sub-community of steemSTEM, a community-driven project which seeks to promote well-written and informative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics posts by Nigerians on Steemit. The project involves submitting quality STEM-related posts to the steemSTEM management for upvoting and resteeming where applicable.

More information about stemng activities are found here, while details of what it means to be part of steemSTEM can be found here, as well.

As we usually do, we have sifted through the stemng tag and even though there were several good posts to choose from, below are the posts that stood out for week #26.

Saturday: Let's talk about one of the rarest cancers in humans [Nasal cancer]

Flagging off this week's selection is this post on nasal cancer by @akiripromise. The possible causes, associated risk factors, different stages of diagnosis and the currently available options for treatment were extensively discussed by the author. A good read I would recommend to any STEM enthusiast.

Sunday: Malaria Prevalence, Mosquito net Preventive Therapy and Future Implications: A case study of Ogun state, Nigeria

Malaria is a disease that has killed more humans than HIV would probably ever and one of the prophylactic method used in preventing the disease is to prevent its vector from getting access to human through the use of mosquito net. This article by @teemike took a dive into the possible implications of mosquito net preventive therapy of malaria using a state in Nigeria as a case study.


@rareghost wrote about the possibility of the existence of ghosts in real life. A very interesting piece that encompasses psychology and a lot of physics. Prepare to enjoy yourself before clicking to read.

Tuesday: Smart Cards, A chip with so much applications

This post by @henrychidiebere explained the various applications of smart cards in our everyday lives. Not just that, the history, architecture, security and the various modes of communication employed by smart cards were extensively discussed. Quite an educative piece.

Wednesday: An introduction to Water -- Properties, importance, and the distribution of water

Water, e no get enemy! @pangoli would have been a friend to Fela Anikulapo (if you know, you know!) for writing on the science of water. The various sources available, distribution and properties of the universal solvent was discussed in this post. Kudos to the author.

Thursday : Why Are There So Many Missing Links In Human Evolution? [Concept Of The Transitional Fossils]

There is no doubt that evolution is an important process in the existence of humans and without it, perhaps we won't even be here. However, a lot of questions are yet to be answered as far human evolution is concerned and @samminator tried to discuss some of the relevant issues. A good read, I must admit.

Friday: Can petrol engines run on alcohol? Lets find out!

Rounding off the selection for week 27 is a post that tried to answer a question of whether petrol engines can run on alcohol. We all know that fossil fuels would get exhausted one day and alternatives need to be sought. @rharphelle was the author here and he did a good job with it.

About the selection process

The post for each day was selected based on consensus between the stemng management, in persons of @greenrun and @gentleshaid. This week's selections were made by @greenrun and presented by @gentleshaid.

Do not feel discouraged if we did not feature your post. There are rooms for improvement for everyone. Find time to read this guideline if you wish to improve on your STEM-related writings.

Support for @stemng is welcome in any form, including upvotes, resteems and steem power delegations. Feel free to interact with fellow stemians in our discord server.

All curation rewards earned will be used to fund the @stemng project.

We will like to thank the following authors whose work was curated by the @steemstem under the #stemng tag:
@agbona @akiripromise @cyprianj @eurogee @gentleshaid @getencored @greenrun @henrychidiebere @herbayomi @horpey @joelagbo @lawkay @masterwriter @michealwrites @misterufem @mrbreeziewrites @mr-aaron @pangoli @rareghost @rexdickson @rharphelle @samminator @sciencetech @starrichie @sunkanmi02 @thurllanie @writeit

Till next week!


Wow, its been 27 weeks since you started writing these group curation digests. Time flies.

Yeah, time really does fly. 27 weeks is more than half of a year already. We owe this project to your vision. Thanks!

It has been a pleasure to delegate to this account and help you grow it, and also to assist you in hitting the ground running. Both you and @greenrun have done and continue to do a wonderful job. I am really proud of you both.

I am personally glad to be part of this project and considers it a privilege to serve.

And that is exactly why you are running it, and growing it successfully. When you keep the community as the focus and not your own personal advancement, thats when you can make some real progress.

A rising tide lifts all ships :) Serving your community will benefit everyone in it, including you. If only more people realized what you obviously know.

Thank you for helping out, your delegation will go a long way to achieving the aims of the community.

Former delegation. My intention was to assist you two in getting the account up, running and able to stand on its own two legs. That goal has been achieved. :)

Now I watch as you two kick ass.

That is something we guarantee will happen. Thank you :)

Great community. I am happy to be part of you guys. Congratulations to the authors. Respect to my leaders

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Weldone guys

Thumbs up to management and wonderful writers

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Congrats to all the featured authors.
Another great selection by the @stemng management!

Congratulations to the featured authors.
Great job @stemng management.

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Great.... I loved most of the posts there

Great job guys

Dear friend, you do not appear to be following @wafrica. Follow @wafrica to get a valuable upvote on your quality post!

Congratulations to the featured authors. Exceptional compilation indeed.
I must commend every author for penning down quality and exceptional articles. More importantly I commend @pangoli for the great job on the topic below. He nailed it I must say .

An introduction to Water -- Properties, importance, and the distribution of water

Shout out to @greenrun , @gentleshaid @steemstem and @stemng.


Big congratulations to all selected authors... Those were excellent write ups...
@greenrun and @gentleshaid you guys rock! I salute your hard work in making #stemng grow and progress...
I am part of this good work and I am so glad about this.
Long Live #STEMNG

Thanks for doing the wonderful things you do guys.

STEMng all the way!

Wow, its been 27 weeks since you started writing these group curation digests. Time flies.

This is an excellent job you are doing here. It's hard work going through all these posts. Kudos to you

All very good posts, well done guys

Wow. wonderful articles. Congrats to all the authors featured this week, you guys did great and continue your great work guys.

Amazing selection @greenrun and @gentleshaid, una da try die and thanks a lot for the management of this project. 27 weeks no be beans. i throway salute for una.

Stemng-Rocks !!!!

Congratulations to the shortlisted authors. Grateful to the management. Let's do more guys. Kudos!

@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities

I've been honoured again by this awesome family.
Omo, Stemng make sense jare.
I troway salute reach @greenrun and @gentleshaid side. Una too much

Congratulations to all the featured authors.
Wonderful selection this week.

More grace to the team management in the person of @greenrun and @gentleshaid

@stemng...thank you for finding my post worthy
Kudos to the stemNG family

Congratulations to all the selected authors. They all write beautifully well. A big kudos to the management too. You guys are really doing great job. I know it's not easy. More power to you guys.

Long live @steemstem
Long live @STEMng

Good work here. Thumbs up to the management!

woow, 27 weeks too good, pls keep it up, totally like it

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