Male Breast Cancer... Yeah you read it right...

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Heheheheheh so now breast cancer can affect males too, unbelievable!!!, with our negligible size of breast, cancer still want to help us finish it, wait if it’s now confirmed that you have breast cancer and the only solution is for the breast to be cut off ahhhh gbege!!! But anyways we should not panic cos the rate at which a male contract this type of cancer is 1 in 1000, so roughly 2,400 cases a year.

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To those who aren’t science inclined; all cancer diseases are associated with abnormal growth of cells which divide uncontrollably and kill the body tissues. But the male breast cancer is very dangerous in the sense that men tend not to pay attention to changes around the chest region because it is considered that breast cancer is a disease for women, thereby making it more dangerous to deal with and by that time it has spread to all parts starting from the armpit.

Now to those who might be doubting the male breast cancer; the tissues that make up the breast of the female is also present in male so there is every possibility that there will be abnormal growth in the male tissues as it is in the females’. Even if the tissues is in small amounts and does not function the same as women the cancer also exists in men.


The symptoms are the same as in females, namely; Lumps appearing in the chest region mostly behind the nipples but it can be found anywhere behind the chest region. These lumps are firstly not noticed because they are smaller and men try to ignore them thinking it is just a mere swelling, and also the small amount of the breast tissues is harder to feel. Also there will be a change in the nipples; some have had blood or pus coming out from the nipples.

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There are some facts that need to be known about Male Breast Cancer;

  • There are possibilities that you might have breast cancer if it is has been in your lineage (Family History).Those that are regulars at the hospital will know that there are some diseases that are associated with the lineage you are in. For example, if your grandparents or great grand parents have Pneumonia, there is every possibility of you having it maybe as a recessive gene or as a dominant one. Likewise for cancer.
  • Second fact is that there is a treatment for male breast cancer. The diagnoses in women and men breast cancer is the same(mammography, ultrasound, needle biopsy), even the treatments are the same but the distinguishing difference is that men breast tissues respond to treatments faster than the women’s do. Because the hormone receptors in men which makes up most of the breast cancers responds to hormone therapy (which is one of the treatment of cancer) than the women. Other treatments include: chemotherapy, surgery, biological therapy,
  • Now here comes the relieving part; men breast cancer occurs to men between ages 60-70 another thing to note is that men below age 35 are less likely to have breast cancer than those above that age. I know you guys have heaved a sigh of relieve, ’cos I just did.
  • Another fact is that estrogen levels in male also affect the possibilities of having breast cancer. The relation between the estrogen levels to Men breast cancer can be somehow tricky. Ok this is it, in obese males; the estrogen level is higher because of the large body mass. So the larger the body mass the higher the risk of having male breast cancer. To all those obese men, you will be doing yourself good by burning those fats.
  • Also testicular disorders and frequent exposure to radiation, liver cirrhosis increases the risk of male breast cancer.

My advice to us is that whenever we are beginning to see strange development in our chest region, we should seek medical attention, because cancer is a really deadly disease that if not treated can spread to other parts of the body and can cause great havoc to body…


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