Would Human (Homo Sapiens) Go Into Extinction Episode 3: The Aliens We Created Might Become Our Enemies

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Man is always curious, inquisitive and relentless, this qualities of human has led to advancement in technology and has consummated into natural man trying to create an artificial man(robot) using some forms of metals

In this episode which is the third episode of my series on evolution, we would tour on the possibilities of the actualization of humanoid robots with Artificial General Intelligence(AGI) and its possible dangers to human race.
Before I proceed to unveiling the packets of knowledge in this episode it is imperative that you read through episode 1 here and episode 2here The two episodes are concluded as below:

Other human species existed on mother earth along together with or before the evolution of homo sapien sapiens, but in this present day, those human specie are no where to be found or in a more biological term, have gone into extinction. Science speculated that intelligence is the reason the human specie homo sapiens sapien is still in existence unlike the counter part species which were less intelligence.
However, for some reasons, this intelligence of homo sapiens sapien might send her to extinction like other gone species ; from the abundance of this intelligence of sapiens, man keep advancing in technology which some how has led to laziness, what if at this point of laziness, aliens from another planet invade the earth and engage us in a combat? Most probably, we would not win those aliens with our lazy arms. Not yet at the peak of technology, man has created a semi-human specie which is the humanoid robot. Although at this era, the most advanced human robot "Sophie" still uses narrow AI; this implies that it has no feelings or emotion, but it can communicate with humans and render service

license: CC BY SA 2.0||source: wikimedia||description: Sophia


Narrow AI intelligence technology is almost at its peak and after its peak, scientist might probably come up with their proposed more advanced AI which is AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). I can emphatically say that narrow AI illuminated the dark shadow on the mind of some scientists_ the dark shadow that made them assume that creating a human like robot which can do things on its own accord, has feelings and emotions is impossible. Narrow AI implemented in robots made scientist think into a world of possibilities, a world where man made man can behave emotionally like a natural man.

This mentality of "all things are possible" acts like a force (electromotive force) that no resistance (thought of impossibilities) can stop in the mind of scientists. Scientists have conceived the idea of a humanoid robots that are conscious, emotional and can feel; scientist are convinced that such robot can be actualized and are relentlessly working on its actualization_ this heavy seemingly impossible task would only be actualized with AGI

This project, if eventually actualized would be the most advanced achievement in robotics engineering and the same time the most dangerous threat to the existence of homo sapiens_ it is paradoxical, but it is of intense importance that we(scientists) acknowledge the fact that what helped a man can equally kill a man. AGI is still a computer program and chances of error in coding is possible. What would happen if an error in coding or corruption of program arises?

AI Humanoid Robot A Threat or Aid To The Existence of Man?

Inasmuch as these god-like robots has being helping humans in various duties that might be dangerous to our health such as picking an item from a radioactive enviroment among pthers, there might be more depth the surface of what we see
On an interview with Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, one of the living most intelligent people in the world, he aired his view of the possibilities of robots replacing human beings and he was of the conviction that robots would do the same job humans do even more efficiently and that a time would come when humans would end up in a universal basic income a situation where government has to pay people to eat even without working . On his conviction, he made the production process of Tesla Model 3 fully automated using robots and computers; however, his dream of "more efficient than human" robots presently proved invalid for majorly two reasons: one being that a less number of cars were produced and second being that the cars produces have technical issues. Based on the inefficiency of these automation, Musk employed hundreds of works and concluded humans are underrated.

No victory for humans yet , the vision of the future where robots would replace the whole human work force is still possible and might happen anytime soon. A study has shown that with the current geometric advancement in the field of AI and robotics, a time would come when robots would take over a higher percentage of the global workforce and the small percentage remaining would be for humans to compliment these robots. This would result to more people depending on universal basic income to eat as more people would not be useful_ of what essence is the existence of man if he is not useful?

license: CC By SA 2.0||source: wikimedia||description: terminator

Yet the worst might surface in our walk to the future_the world of robotics. I watched a video on twitter where a robot made by boston robotics was jumping from one cliff to the other and even applying acrobatics skillfully_a dynamic robot. A cliff that a weak human might find difficult to jump. AI robots are becoming gods and more powerful than its maker. Musk has given a warning , warned that federal lawmakers should regulate artificial intelligence; in my previous episodes, I have explained that artificial intelligence(AI) is to robot what brain is to man. The potentials of robots might be a threat to human existence and perhaps a channel to human extinction if proactive regulation on artificial intelligence is neglected.

The likely Speed of future Robot And Its Impending Dangers

Robotics like other field in technology keep advancing and this advancement might have no end. The potentials incorporated in present robot is jaw-dropping, this serves as a conviction that the potentials of future robot might be "out of this earth"_ an alien-like features.

What if a robot moving with the speed of light and can even fly is created? This might come in the mind of scientists in the field of robotics and they would be eager to actualize it.
Imagine a robot that can jump, run and fly with the speed of light, and has a metallic body this implies it cannot be caught, seen and almost indestructible. This is more dangerous than nuclear weapon

All these potential futures of robot would not have being an issue or threat to the existence of human race without the thought of Artificial general intelligence(AGI), a robot with AGI would have emotions and consciousness_ this means it can get angry, fall in love and has it's own opinion

License: CC BY SA 4.0|| source: Wikimedia

AGI robots might not be evil but what happens when human stands against its opinion? It would be similar to what happens when humans are building road and an anthill block the way. Human's do not hate ant but would destroy the anthill; similarly, robots might not be evil but would destroy anyone who stands against its opinion_ definitely the AGI humanoid robot would fight against any homo sapiens sapien who stands against its will. Similar thing happened in "Robot" an Indian trending movie I watched :

A scientist created a robot and named it cheetah. Initially, the robot was just a narrow AI robot, the scientists did his best to upgrade it to AGI; at a time, thunderstorm accompanied by lightning occurred and a lightning bolt struck the robot cheetah. This incidence incorporated emotions and feelings in the robot which made the robot fell in love with the mistress of the scientist upto the point that it started fighting its maker over his mistress. Many other things happened and the robot started killing innocent citizens, even the police and even went to the extent of creating other robots to form a colony. You can watch the movie of youtube

Most science movies try to portray what might be possible in the future.

In the future, scientists probably would be able to create an AGI robot. It might be able to jump, fly and run so fast that we would need a strobe to see it. A code error occurs or out of opinion this AGI robots wants to become subject to human, that is, wants human to become its object and concur or agree with all its opinions, do you think humans would easily give in? _hell no.

This would be the start of a war between a man made alien and the homo sapiens sapien race, a war of injustice. A war between the mighty man made alien and humans, a war that could lead to death of numerous people and perhaps the extinction of human race.
How would we fight this technology created aliens if such tragedy occurs? Probably, it moves with a very high speed that we cannot even see it, it might be invisible to our naked eyes due to its fast speed of movement and then we would need a strobe of light to see it, even if we see it, we cannot run at its pace, it can can vanish ; it might be able to fly meaning we can not even capture or captivate it and perhaps to disassembly it; the body is metallic meaning bullets cannot destroy it, it might even be able to catch hot bullets; even if we decide to set it ablaze, it might disappear from the fire before it reaches the maximum temperature it can accept. So how do we fight this human made alien should a fight happen?_ or do we remain it slave and bow down the will of a robot? to me that is not an option.

Yet the worse is that this AGI robots are intelligent and through reinforcement learning might have learned how to use weapons before the possible war that would emerge. This implies that it can shoot gun and handle even more deadlier weapons against us. This might be the channel of our gradual extinction at its worse.

license: CC By SA 4.0||source: wikimedia


Natural disaster has being a treat to human existence, but out of our intelligence, we are able to harness our environment and decipher some ways to survive even when nature makes things tough and harsh. This same intelligence is what we are still trying to use to send ourselves to extinction through constructing a semi-human or rather demi-god called robot with incredible features that we do not even possess naturally. However, proactive majors should be taken so as to guide some desperate scientists in the field of robotics. Else, what should benefit us would become our enemies


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Nice one.

Even with all the advances we have been witnessing in the field of AI, we are still in infancy - which means; more insane advancements are still coming.

Imagine when the technology of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) evolves into Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI), humans could be on their way to becoming obsolete. How do we even hope to control something that would be many times smarter than us? Maybe the only feasible panacea would be for us to merge with them.

I read recently about an attempt to incorporate common sense into AI. When all these features that have been the absolute prerogative of humans begin to be incorporated in machines, we could lose our supremacy as the superior being.
Just like the prediction of Elon Musk;

The third world war would be triggered by the battle for AI superiority. - Elon Musk

But the truth is; we are already at war. We should just brace up for impact.

Nice one buddy

Nice seeing you around bro

Field of robotics is so much advancing that a proactive precaution/major should be taking impromptu . Some bad guys might start producing robot that would be a terroris t.

Incorporating prerogative feature of man in a robot might have more harms than good_ if this should happen, a time would definitely come when we become object to robot

I think most fears of robots are to be blamed on Hollywood, which we know is just into entertainment. I doubt in the future that robots could be as evil as portrayed by Hollywood, sci-fi writers or people that generally like to attribute anything maleficent to robots. I still prefer a future where we have robots do some jobs that are potentially life-threatening to people such as firefighters, rescue in dangerous areas, people working in places such as nuclear plant or areas where people may be exposed to harmful radiation such as nuclear power plants.

we are able to harass our environment and decipher some ways to survive even when nature makes things tough and harsh

I believe you meant to type harness.

I think most fears of robots are to be blamed on Hollywood, which we know is just into entertainment. I doubt in the future that robots could be as evil as portrayed by Hollywood, sci-fi writers or people that generally like to attribute anything maleficent to robots.

I totally agree with you on this. This so called imaging war is an idea that has being planted in our mind by this movies. Although this is a possibility with the chances of this occurring is in a ratio of 2-100.

I meant harness, I have corrected it. Thanks
Robots are already doing some life-threatienng Jobs quiet well.
The idea of Robot becoming impending danger to human race would come to play if the AGI robot which is emotional is created. However, this would still take a long while.

Well, we'd definitely cross that bridge when we get there.

As long as the probability exists, it is not impossible.
Thanks for your time @sunkanmi

Let's hope by then we'd also have some robotic police :)

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