Would Human (Homo Sapiens) Go Into Extinction Episode 2: The Aliens We Created Might Become Our Enemies

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Once upon a time, in the history of the earth, over three thousand(3000) years ago, aliens invaded the earth. Not only did they invade the earth but married the female homo sapien sapiens, had sex with them and produced offspring. Their offspring were known as Nephilim; hybrid of human and aliens. These products of hybrids were giants so violent like their fathers, speed of movement was faster than that of sapiens, were mighty men of valour, so skillful in war; a Nephilim could fight fifty soldiers. They inherited this features from their alien fathers who have a speed somehow close to the speed of light(they could teleport) and were refereed to as "fallen angels"; aliens deported from heaven
Then a natural disaster occurred: a 40 days and night relentless heavy rainfall(a one time occurrence since the history of the earth), flood ensued and finally the human sapiens and Nephilims were wiped away from the surface of the earth. And only one man and his family survived: the family of Noah. If not for Noah who built an ark(ship) for over 40-years before the rainfall, homo sapien sapiens would have been doomed and a thing of history

Imagine what this earth would look like if these Nephilims violence by nature are still in existence: injustice, war and at it's worst annihilation of the whole homo sapien sapiens; only superhumans(Nephilims) would be in existence.

Flood wiped away the aliens "Nephilim" that was a threat to the existence of man and endangered our specie homo sapien sapiens. Unfortunately, homo sapien sapiens started creating a similar alien that could send us to extinction; a hybrid of electronics and mechanical functions, a product of new era technology which could be more dangerous than the Nephilims and could wipe away this generation of homo sapiens sapiens at its worst.


Homo sapien sapiens from history has always being endangered through natural disasters and other factors but through intelligence has found a way to always survive. It is imperative you take a read on episode one here, which is summarize as below:

Billions of years ago, other human species have existed on mother earth and later went into extinction due to various factors. Homo sapien sapiens has always survived all odds not because of their intelligence(homo sapien neanderthals were more intelligent) but ability to adapt to any situation. Anyway, the intelligence of the present human is making her lazy an this is a open hug to extinction; homo erectus went to extinction because of laziness. Homo sapien sapiens are becoming weak in strength because of technology and aliens might invade the earth mightily and wipe us away from the sands of mother earth.

In this episode, we would tour on the possibilities of the aliens we created annihilating us and sending us into extinction just like the Nephilims (hybrids of aliens from heaven and woman from earth) did. Before now, you should know that aliens are formally creatures from outside the earth; that is, foreigners on the earth or extraterrestrial creatures which most time have special features that are mind blowing. It is possible that aliens move in the speed of light, this means, that they can teleport; some aliens hear the slightest sounds homo sapien sapiens could not hear, the frequrency or wavelength of the sounds their ear could detect is somehow superhuman; their eyes could sight beyond that of human, they could even see electromagnetic waves and radiation without any instrument; and above all, they could catch live bullet. These features are seen in movies like Flash, Superman and Smallvile.

Personally, I used to think all these was a joke and a mere movie acted based on hallucination and the bid to hit billion dollars; eventually, scientist started creating aliens and named them robots.

Overview on Robot

Robot is an electromagnetic machine that performs some preassigned tasks automatically, the tasks are assigned to the robots through programming. From onset, robots used to be semi-autonomous and required to be controlled from a distance majorly using a wireless network like WiFi, Bluetooth, deep space or any other network just like the robots used for attack in a movie "Battle Drones"

license: CC by SA 4.0|| source: Wikimedia

With advancement in technology, evolved autonomous robots, it needed not to be wirelessly controlled unlike the semi-autonomous robot. Autonomous robots has being programmed to perform certain duties without human intervention, it can perform tasks with high precision and accuracy. Autonomous robots include self driving cars, delivery drones and other machines that can automatically perform some tasks without human control.

The field of robotics was still moving fine and entailed no impending danger to the human race until the evolution of humanoid robot; a robot that looks like human physically. This marked the beginning of embrace to what might likely be a "timed bomb" to the homo sapiens in the future.

The humanoid robots physically look like a human, it can move its hands, walk, rotate its neck and some other physical attributes of human are incorporated in it; aliens also look somehow like homo sapein sapiens, this means humanoid robots are aliens(they resemble human but are not human). At the early stage oo evolution of humanoid robot, it still has to be wireless controlled; in other word, it is semi-autonomous. This means no danger to human specie and could not kill on its own accord, it has to be controlled by a pilot(someone who wirelessly controls a robot). However, if the pilots decide to control it in such a manner to kill people, the wireless control communicator like satellite dish can be destroyed, this would make the humanoid robot just a moulded image.

With advancement is technology, creation of autonomous humanoid robot evolved. Humanoid autonomous robots performs task just like the normal autonomous robot, the only difference is that the former looks like human while the later do not. Homo sapiens were still in a safe path and no impending danger of robots till a question that birthed an idea in the mind of scientists came to play.
what was this question in the mind of scientists? Anyway, it was just a simple question which was ** "can this humanoid robots behave like human being"**. It is a simple question; however, the answer gave rise to the creation of aliens(humanoid robots) which might send homo sapien sapiens to extinction, an alien robot which potentially is more deadly than nuclear weapons and might fight us in the future just like the nephilim specie did.

Artificial Intelligent Robot

Often times, people get confused thinking artificial intelligence and robots are the same thing; hell no, these are two different things. Robot is a hardware device, a machine, while artificial intelligence is a computer program, that is a written code. Artificial intelligence is a hard-code; it is the reason why Google displays ads that likely catches your interest. What brain is to human, is the similar thing AI is to AI robots, emphatically, AI is the brain of robot.

license: CC by SA 2.0|| source: Wikimedia

The answer to the question "can humanoid robots behave like a human" marked the beginning of artificial intelligent robot. An artificial intelligent(AI) robot is a robotic machine that performs action on its own. Unlike the afore-described robots, AI robot can learn new skill and is autonomous. It somehow behaves like human, in the sense that the more it is exposed to people and environment, the cleverer it becomes; an AI robot can play games with people and more likely, would become the master of the game.
AI robots becomes more skillful in game through reinforcement learning; that it by playing against itself. An example of this AI robot is AlphaGO, built by Deepmind technologies, an intelligent technologies company based in Britain which has now been aquired by Google in 2014. AI robot AlphaGo through reinforcement learning was able to beat a human so skillful in "Go game" in 2015. That is not all, the humanoid robot "Alpha Go" won against Lee Sedol,refa one time world champion in five-game match. Another advance humanoid robot from Deepmind techs was "Alphazero" which was able to beat different professional men in chess, Go and Shogi.
Like I emphasized before, these robots has the ability to learn just like homo sapiens.

The world was still marveled and flabbergasted about robot "AlphaGO" and "Alphazero" till another more advanced humanoid autonomous robot was created. This robot was named Sophia; a humanoid robot created in 2014 by an Hong Kong bases techs company,Hanson Robotics of which David Hanson is the founder.

Sophia looks perfectly like a woman, it is very difficult if not impossible for a "non-tech inclined" man to differentiate between Sophia and a woman, a promiscuous man would even want to have an affair with Sophia. Sophie uses the camera in its eyes to see, it can recognize faces, it speaks in such manner humans do (natural voice), and above all, can walk like humans and has over 50 facial expressions
Sophia has appeared in many interviews and the creators claimed it can be a companion to old women, assist people in work, can serve in healthcare and also work as a receptionist.

license: CC by SA 2.0|| source: Wikimedia|| description: Sophia

I was told a story of how sophia was working as a receptionist and it asked a man "do you want to flirt with me?" because of the way the man was looking it.

Recently, the humanoid robot,Sophie was awarded citizenship in Saudi Arabia and these raised qualms in the country; maybe some women are already jealous of Sophie.

I emphasized on the features of these autonomous robots like AlphaGo and Sophie not because of story sake; rather, to enlighten our understanding of how fast the robot technology is advancing; advancement is on exponential rate. with this rate of growth in robotics, imagine what some decades to come would be like; of-course humanoid robots would be walking in the streets (just like robot Sophia is already doing in the streets of Saudi Arabia) and some people won't even recognize them. Imagine if this AI robots learn how to kill; maybe it would be a goodbye to our homo specie

Interestingly, robotic engineers still grouped all these afore-mentioned robots under narrow or weak AI robots. Weak AI robot infers to robot that do not have the non-physical attribute of man; weak AI robots has no mind, consciousness, emotions or feelings and can only perform limited tasks.
Scientists and robot Engineers are now eager to develop an AGI(Artificial General Intelligence) robot; this would be a robots with feelings, emotions and can love. Can this be achieved?

In my logical opinion, if the above is achieved, a time would come when their would be war between the creator and the created(man and robot). And man would seek to destroy those robots, but perhaps, might be too late.


Aliens in the history of the mankind, threatened the existence of homo sapiens, but fortunately could not succeed in sending us(homo sapiens) to extinction due to the flood that eliminated them(Nephilims). In this present era, homo sapiens has started creating aliens(humanoid robots) which has the potency of endangering human specie and at it worst, might extinct human specie


Thanks for your ample time

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