5 reasons why I bought 100 Splinterlands Packs and opening the first 5 !

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Hello dear Steemians,

Yesterday I was sharing with you in this post that I bought 100 packs and 2 potions for a few reasons:

  1. I LOVE to play Splinterlands
  2. I need to do my daily quests and with the new system, I cannot afford to have only 2 splinters, I need at least a third one to be able to do most of my daily quests. To do so, I decided that a more fun way to build a 3rd splinter would be to buy packs and sell the one I don't want to keep and maybe find some valuable cards in my packs
  3. It is important to me to support entrepreneurs on the STEEM blockchain and this is my way to do so
  4. I have been looking at new accounts created on the Steem blockchain and a big chunk is done through Steemmonsters
  5. I am very impatient to see the phone app released as I believe this is what aill drive MASS adoption. Therefore buying cards now might be a VERY good investment, who knows !

Buying 100 packs with my 10% bonus

Packs Buying.PNG

Buying Golden and Legendary potions (x500)


And here comes the first 5 packs: Are you reaaaaaaady ???

1 P1.PNG





As you can see, not much luck for these 5 first packs but let's hope the next one will give us something better :)


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Come try out a great blockchain game: Splinterlands


I love Splinterlands too!! An upvote is on the way!

Thank you ! We need to support our best dapp out here ! Can’t wait for the mobile app 🙌🙌🙌

Damn. Over 1600 steem shit dude :D Thats a lot xD

It is ! I am broke now 😂

Well done on the investment! Think you will get a huge ROI down the road.

This is my dearest with :D

Hell yes, splinterlands is awesome! I recently spent 1,600 steem on splinterlands too, but I bought cards from the market, I'm a sucker for those Alpha cards. :) Good luck on your remaining packs!

It becomes complicated to understand which cards one needs for his deck as they are so many possibilities now :).
Alpha do not seem to be valued well in my opinion. Sometimes they are almost lower than Beta, weird...

Yea you're right, some Alphas are very low priced, but based on rarity they are way more scarce than Beta. That's why I'm so tempted to scoop them up! :P 300k Alpha, 900k Beta.

I am saving my DEC to get a nice stack of packs myself. Untamed cards are awesome. :)


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