London Steem MeetUp 27 Feb 2019

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It was so wonderful to meet fellow steemians in person. The over 6 hours together just flew by.
Following the inspiration of the day I posted my first video on DTube! thank you @adetorrent

for putting it together and for inviting me to the steem meet up :) you're a great friend! I appreciate it very much! Thank you to all people who welcomed me and wrote words of encouragement 😀🙏

It was so nice to meet you
@redrica. Thank you for organising this and bringing us together!
@ultravioletmag captured on the left, good to meet you darling :)

And @redrica thanks for photo bombing this shot with Tony @nanzo-scoop 😀 love it :) !


Another great one with @nanzo-scoop on the left and @adetorrent on the right


Thank you Tomas @breadcentric for bringing your home made bread and sharing it with us. It is so lovely of you! And the bread is delish :)

@teodora you are such a darling, thank you for your warmth, I can feel it in your comments too.

Damon @veritanuda, thank you for a conversation and your inquisitive mind that likes to connect the dots :)

Andrew @wizzdom good to meet you! may your journey unfolds beautifully.

Neil @zool237 was good to meet you!

Dougal @dougalporteous thank you for the conversation, sharing your thoughts and experiences. It was good to meet you!

@steevc great to meet you!

@rea and @ezzy very good to meet you guys and congratulations on your successes, may you continue to grow and flourish!

@soyrosa congratulations with your determination, inspiration and thank you for travelling all this way to meet up with us! Good to meet you!

@susanlo it was nice to meet you, may your future is bright and may you live a life even better than what you can imagine :)

May Steemit communities be blessed with harmony, compassion.
may all steemians be blessed with fulfilment, success, joy, love, peace, perfect health, harmonious relationships and avalanches of cryptocurrency :D



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Great to meet you girl! :D Hope we’ll be able to meet again - Europe isn’t that big luckily :D

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Lovely meeting you too darling! World is small so we do have a good chance at meeting again 😀🙏

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Was great to meet you, too, @inesafreedom. Loved your laugh! And well done for doing the six hours - that's impressive! :)

Thank you Neil :) it was fun! Bless

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Thanks and keep on going. Steemit has more to offer than just money. Hugs

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Thank you Teodora for your kind words :) im already appreciating the community and variety of self expression which is awesome. Blessings

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Wow! This is a really nice meetup! Congrats!

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Thank you! And wishing you to have some great steemit meetups too!

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what a wonderful post 😀thank you for your sentiment 😀by the way Inesa i didn't receive your message in facebook maybe it was filtered, you can find me here

It was so nice to meet you and chase down some interesting avenues. You are a fascinating lady and I really feel I only scratched the surface of things to talk about. Hope we meet up again but it is easy to find me online in all sorts of ways.

Thank you for helping making a great evening into a special one.

Great to meet you too! Hope to see you at other events.

I hope so too :) bless

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