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Firstly I want to thank @stellabelle for picking interest in my introductory article and giving me 100% of her upvote.
Back to my question, we all have different views and opinion on who @stellabelle is and how well we know her. I don't yet have a personal relationship with her but this is what I know about her and it will be written after this brief biography.

Stellabelle's birth name is Leah Stella Stephens and she was born in Los Angeles, The United States. At the age of 15, she became a model for Elite modelling high fashion world. She is a single mother who she enrolled her 5-year-old daughter in engineering classes and she learned to make rockets and created a galaxy slime from Crafty Carol. She wrote a book called "Un-Crap Your Life: Navigating Life's Crappiest Situations" until I read few sentences about the book then I realised why she singled me out of the many introductory posts.


Mother and Daughter painting faces

My opinion about her is: She is a strong woman who had it rough in her childhood because she was exposed to the reality of life at an early age which affected her morally, mentally and physically. Instead of giving up, she fought her way to become who she is and she is known as "The Wolf of Steemit".
Now she is using the power she has to support people and to make sure people with talent don't waste away. She is outspoken and she fights for what is right and the rights of her followers.
She actually supported me even when I didn't know who she was. She saw something special in my introductory post and she hoped I would archive it but steemcleaners killed my moral and left me doubtful. But now I am going to emulate her by taking charge and put my talent back to good use.
The small coloured picture at the top is her looking pissed off. That is her modelling photo back in Chicago 1987.

My steemit life hasn't been a pleasant one though. 2 days after I posted my first article which was my introduction, I was mentioned by @steemitnetwork in a chat which linked me to this article titled
Decline payouts for sensitive posts - a better way to show affection!.
Also, I was downvoted without warning for wrong tagging by @steemcleaners reducing my reputation to 5 from 47. I know when you have a low reputation your articles won't be seen by remains. I guess I too was hit by the reality of social media.

I want to thank all those who voted on my first post, you really made my steemit life interesting.
@exyle, @asmolokalo, @ogochukwu, @troilo, @roelandp, @timothyb, @catchfire, @damirkatusic, @tojukaka, @violetmed, @holbein81, @dorthmaen, @jwolf, @massivevibration, @that1consultant, @firepower, @kaykunoichi, @joele
Just to mention a few.

I chose today to post this article because it is my birthday. @stellabelle is an interesting and a wonderful person to me.
I love you @sellabelle and I know steemians who follow you as well loves you.
Thank you for your support in many ways.