[PHOTO] Taking pictures through dirty train windows #4

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Dear reader - Steem has been renamed to Hive since May 2020. My content therefore has moved with me to Hive, and I hope to see you there: peakd.com/@soyrosa.


you are lucky to have captured the stunning natural view outside the train. It's another nostalgic photo for me. Thanks for sharing .

I feel lucky as well! Where does the nostalgia come from for you?

I guess its from the view outside the train, looking at the fresh green grass...it's been 17 years I haven't seen my hometown. I grew up in that place when I was in elem til HS...

:-) Nostalgia can be a strong feeling! And 17 years is a long time...

Scotland is the best! I love this series :)

A real Scot loving my Scotland pics is the best :D

very nice and beautiful click bro

I can't wait for sime photos of your homecoutry- Netherlands :-)

They will come too! They will be more specific I think :-)

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woow this is beautiful

some of you last photos seems like paintings. 😉 Nice!

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Looks pretty good for a dirty train window :)

It's amazing what result you get once you let go of the 'it's not perfect so I shouldn't do it' ideas most of us share :-)

Scotland is top markotop. i like this place and this view

pretty cool effect! seems like a painting. ;) 👌👍

Thanks! :-)

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That shade of green is AMAZING! The latticework window pattern makes this awesomely unique - wicked cool capture!

Thanks for your enthusiasm @traciyork! :D This green is so BRIGHT indeed!

That is a whole lot of pure green..

Good picture, nice story!

Hi there!

Only me ;)

I love this image, the contrast of the natural landscape with the manmade texture and a feeling of filters.

In fact I love most of your images!

I see you are doing really well here and have only been active since December. Much better than moi - congratulations.

Any pointers you wish to share would be most gratefully accepted.

Reciprocal, much deserved, upvote/follow - I look forward to getting to virtually know you over the coming months.

Happy creative days.


Hey! Thanks for visiting! And thanks for commenting too! Yes, I'm doing quite well but the biggest part of that is pure luck! A kind Steemian with high voting power supporting me for example :-) Look me up on Discord for a chat if you'd like, I'd gladly share my experiences with you (and will write a blog post about my first weeks here as well soon.)

Luck is something which seems to allude me :) - Happy for you x

But hey!

I am healthy and have 2 arms/legs etc/

And able.

(No complaining from this quarter).

Slowly, slowly catchy monkey...

I am on discord - lindadacey-laforge.

Maybe chat soon.


This is amazing

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Nice shot! :)

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beautiful landscape :)