Review of the Bot for Telegram of the Steepshot application. The fastest way to post a photo on Steem's blockchain!

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Everyone knows about my love for the applications that run on Steem's blockchain, especially my facinacion with @steepshot, the Instagram-killer :)


As it turns out, the team behind @steepshot has developed a bot that allows you to publish photos directly from the Telegram application. This is a chat application like WhatsApp but outside the hands of Facebook and allows the use of Bots within it. It is my preferred application of communication so imagine my joy to learn that this Bot existed.

When I tried it, I noticed one thing.

It's the fastest way there is, for now, to publish a photo with title in Steem's blockchain!


Well, but we better go step by step. When you activate the Bot you have to click on a button that appears under, the "Login" button. The Bot will ask for your username in Steemit and your Posting Key. The application does not save your Posting Key and if after a while, you do not want to continue using the Bot you should follow some simple steps that they themselves explain when you make the first login.

Already activated the Bot, the only thing we have to do is send an image. In doing so, the Bot will automatically request a title for the publication, also giving the possibility of adding TAGS using the # symbol.

As you can see in the image, I forgot to add the TAGs :P


But hey, there are always things to criticize or, rather, to suggest. Things that would be, according to my point of view, a plus for this Bot. For example, that the Bot will also let you write the 2140 characters that the Steepshot application allows would be one thing. And the other, that the bot will let me choose voting percentages when voting a publication. Or maybe a general percent to vote?

Oops, I forgot that!

You can also see posts made with the @steepshot application directly on the Bot timeline and also, vote them. You just have to use the Menu below everything.


When you click on the Feed button you can see the last 5 posts in your Feed, the same will happen when you click on the Hot, New and Top buttons, the last 5 publications of each of those categories will be shown respectively. The Settings button is to delete the Bot account.

And remember, to publish you only need to send an image and then write the title followed by the TAGs with the # symbol.

What are you waiting for??? :)

Link to the Bot

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How cool is that! Amazing the possibilties.

I have an idea for you a cool idea! Add a pedometer to the android application and arrange competitions who will go more in a day will receive an upvote from the steepshot. Attendance of your application will grow dramatically along with people's health!)) With you upvote for the idea. Let me know if you do, I will participate in this!)

Holycrap! A Telegram bot for Steepshot is real... I'm very happy with this!

That's a great move since i'm still waiting for the iOS version hehe


Damn that is pretty quick! I keep saying that I will most likely start using it way more as an application once an IOS app springs up.


They say "soon" (I hope so, I know the app exist it is just the apple store)

thanks a lot for so much support !
Is there a option to schedule posts ?


Is there a option to schedule posts ?

Sadly still there is not

So does the images post to my steem account? Or is this totally separate


Yes, it get posted in your steem account or whatever account from Steem you will use with the Steepshot application, the thing here is that you can do it (post on the Steem blockchain)sending a message in the Telegram app chat ;)

I added this post on my new weekly digest called What's Up Steemit!
Great stuff, love it!


Thanks for mention the post! Glad you found it useful :)

Always be sure to share these on twitter and facebook with #Steepshot and they'll share it :) This is awesome


I did on Twitter but not in Face, I have not Face account anymore since one year ... and I am very happy about it ;)


Hi - I was wondering if you can use html for formatting the description. I saw that they wanted to update so that you could in the comments, but it doesn't appear to work in descriptions. Also, where do you see the description? Only on Steemit? Thank you for your input!


Hi, as far as I know, in the description you can use markdown and you will see it in Steemit and in too. Like one normal Steemit post.

Btw, NOT using the bot for Telegram, you can only write a tittle with the bot.

Terimakasih atas informasinya

Try to get your WIF key..."..?


What do you mean? You just need the Posting Key

I hope to find new friends here

Good sharing... Thank you
I wanna try it... 💖💖💖💖

And also the greatest sustenance of a belief

That's awesome now! ^_^