Nearly there! 40 inch wall around chimney. — Steemit

Nearly there! 40 inch wall around chimney.

in steepshot •  6 months ago


I used espresso rich tone wiping stain 2 coats. Will be adding 3/4" x 3" boards in an X shape in each frame for strength and appeal. After its all done (woodfiller, remove excess glue and stain deficiences) will apply 2 coats satin clear coat. I am very pleased with it so far!!! My beautiful wife gave the chimney 4 coats of wet look masonry sealer to giver a shine!

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Awesome, everything is certainly comming along nicely :)

Beautiful wife? Where's the pics? jk ;)
That project looks great guys. Wondering how it will look with the Xs.

@drutter scroll down she is in my blog ;) sometimes haha. we keep our children off of social u get to see THIS guy!